hello i'm jools - can i join you


Currently on LL have lost 5 stone 2 in my 100 days. Still got another 6 stone to lose and really struggling now. Sick of the shakes/soups -please help x jools x
Welcome to Minimins jools. You have done really fab so far. You will get lots of support and tips from other LLers on the site. Hopefully you can make this feel like a whole new start.

Good Luck

Dizzy x
Hi Jools
Sorry to hear you're getting a bit 'jaded' ... I felt just the same when I still have about 4st to go (still got 3.5st to go LOL!)

Are you still finding the counselling at LL useful / essential? Reason I ask is that if you've gained all you need from the CBT then perhaps you could consider moving over to CD and changing the 790 plan (which involves having a small meal each day) or even stick with SS but with the bonus of having more flavours to choose from - could be all you need to pep up the motivation again.
wow jools, you've done amazing, well done. I am sorry that you are feeling jaded but stick with it and focus on how great you feel now and how much better it will be in a few short months time