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Hello im new to Minimins

Hello all,

I am new to minimins, but not cambridge. I tried Cambridge a few years ago and wasn't in the right frame of mind. I restarted a few weeks ago with LighterLife, until I found a CDC in my area, and after sorting my head out, Im loving being back on the plan!

I am on week 7 and had gotten rid of 2 stone of ugly fat already. So very pleased and very much on a mission.

I would really love to be a CDC so my aim apart from becoming healthier and a better role model to my daughter (and looking super hot of course!) is to become one and tell the world about this diet. I wish i had heard about it when I was younger and felt the way I did now!

Looking forward to getting to know you all

Jax xx
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You only live once..
Wow.. Your doing fab, congratulations!
I'm going to be start LL very soon & I am soooo excited! :D
Welcome to the site :)
Hi Jacko, I'm starting CD SS tomorrow for the first time. I'm just hoping I can make it through the first week, I am definitely in the right frame of mind and determined so that will help.

I have a few friends who have done it and the weight is melting off them - one of them is my CDC who is great :)

Any advise or tips for a newbie?
Hiya, Good Luck!

Drink lots of water! I find the times I struggle or crave badly is because i haven't drunk enough. So I down a good glass of water, and go do something else instead. I always tell myself its not worth it and id feel rubbish after anyway so dont bother. It can be hard but only as hard as you make it. Really its the easiest diet in the world. No measuring. No weighing, just drink your packs and go!

I used to struggle with the social side, but now people can see I am serious about this they dont tease me anymore or try and make me drink. My sleeping is better, my sex life is better :p everything about it so far is a bonus.

Just dont think you are depriving your self or you wont succeed. Remember everything you want will still be there when you are slim, but you probably wont want it!

Oh and keep posting here or online somewhere! My hubby thinks ive divorced him for my puter but it keeps me away from food so its all good!
Great advice, thanks!! I have a party to go to at the end of week 4, it's a family 50th and I don't really want everyone to know I'm doing CD so not sure how to get round that one yet. It will be a buffet type affair.


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Hi Fatblaster:welcome2:

I know its tough with social things- im going away next weekend for a sort of 'hen do' and i don't want the girls to know im on CD as the first thing they will do is try and get me to eat something and drink lots. Ive got out of the drink thing by driving to the bar.

If its a buffet it might be easier to get round that a sit down because you can just say you've already eaten or not that hungry. people might not even notice if you don't have anything and if you're dancing they can't really ask.


Slimming for my children
hiya and welcome.
My best advice that i use myself is if you want that piece of food will it change anything? Will it make you feel better? And in my case will it make h2b come home from work? No. It will just be a cycle and your back to square one! You can do it!

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