Hello, I'm Nicky and I'm a foodaholic....


Next year Rodders I'll be a size 12.....
Hi, I'm facing 2016 with a sort of desperation....I've been in this position so many times over the years that I've turned yo yo dieting into an art. I was 60 last year (where the hell did that go?? In my head I'm still 25!) and this time last year swore that I would be "slim at sixty"...needless to say I did my usual thing of sticking to it for a month or so, dropping a stone and then falling spectacularly off the wagon. Over the last forty years I have been everything from a size 12 to a 28 and all stops in between. I manage to lose weight for significant events, then promptly pile it on again. I really don't seem to have an off button where food is concerned and will just keep going until (or to my shame even when) I feel sick. When I was younger, I could physically get away with carrying excess weight but now I have to accept that my body is telling me that enough is enough, and over the last few months the arthritis in my knees has got so bad that I can only walk about 50 yards without the use of crutches. All my joints hurt. My son lives in Prague and when we went to visit in November I had to ask for assistance at the airport because I couldn't walk the distance to the departure gate so had to have a wheelchair. The awful thing is that even this hasn't been enough to make me get a grip... I have a lovely husband that I've only been married to for two years and I can't even just go for a walk with him, or take my two little grandsons to the park, or get down on the floor to play with them. I'm also really self conscious and avoid social situations because I hate the way I look, again this just isn't fair on my husband and family. It's like I just keep pressing the self destruct button, I can't understand why when I've got so much to motivate me I still keep on bingeing. I really want this year to be the turning point where I get my life back, I have to. I haven't joined this forum before but I'm hoping that by coming on here I will be able to share my journey with others who can identify with what I am going through. I didn't intend to write this much, but somehow putting it down has been quite therapeutic, I finally need to stop being in denial about how much I need this to happen. I am starting on Monday, and doing Exante, mainly because of all the different diets I have done, VLCD's seem to suit me.
Hi Nicky,
I want to wish you lots of good luck :) I can relate so strongly to the foodaholic thing and I've been all the same sizes you have. I hope it goes well for you :)
A :)
Well I've actually started today instead of yesterday, and with a start weight worse than I thought :( but I'm determined this time to finally lose my baby weight (30 years later lol!!) Hey ho, onwards and downwards! We can do this!