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Hello - joining WW tomorow

Hi all

This is a quick hello as I am planning to join my local Weightwatchers tomorrow evening.
I started off on the Cambridge Diet in August and lost over three stones in three months, which I am very pleased with. But after a short holiday a few weeks ago, I have found it difficult to return to the discipline of a Very Low Calorie Diet. I have lost weight before with WW and looking forward to getting back on this great eating plan. Hope to be able to get to know people on this forum for the encouragement and support we can offer each other.:)
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Good luck Blingbabe, WW is brilliant so on top of what you have lost so far, you will now enjoy real food again just in time for some Turkey!! Best wishes :D


running strictly on fat!
Great!!! Good luck with you ww. I also have my wi on Tuesday so will be rooting for you then xxx
Oh good, there really does feel like a very positive and encouraging atmosphere on this forum (as there was on Cambridge Diet). I daren't have posted this on CD forum but off tonight for a meal at Wagamama, then will start counting the points tommorow morning. (hopefully will soon be an expert at allocating points for meals out etc once I am properly started).
A little bit nervous to discover what I might have gained since coming off CD, but I am confident that WW will get me to goal!


running strictly on fat!
I daren't have posted this on CD forum but off tonight for a meal at Wagamama
Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean. I did try CD for a very short period of time but found it too restrictive. I know this diet work wonders but I guess I wasn't "desperate" enough to stick to it. (especially taking into account party season lol)
And of course, you always have to think twice before you put anything food related on the CD forum (that of course if you are brave enough!!!)
Good to have supportive group on WW side.

You did very well so far (well done chick!!)- I'm sure you'll love WW experience - it really is a way forward. Will be looking forward to any new updates from you.
Hello again,

Feeling a bit of a fraud as have now double-checked and discovered that my nearest class is on a Wednesday evening, and not the class I intended to join tonight. I don't drive so a class that is just 10 minutes walk from home (and closer to rail/bus links if I am arriving straight from work) will make a difference to my resolve, particularly as we get into winter weather.
I just feel as if I am making one of those classic excuses that I have been famous for over the years - anything to prolong facing up to weight problems, ha ha!

Very much hope to be posting here tommorow night with outcome of joining up!

Good Luck to everyone with a weigh-in today/tonight x
All the best with Weight Watchers, hope you have some good losses


running strictly on fat!
haha, I did the same thing. Was meant to join good few weeks before I actualy did. Always finding "valid" excuses though xxx
Good luck with tomorrow then x


Up for the challenge
Hello and welcome aboard. If you need anything just ask. Good luck. xxx
Well, this might just turn into the longest ever starting period for Weightwatchers...it just goes to show my extraordinary talent for putting off the necessary!
This evening I joined, and got a lovely warm welcome. Since I have been up to some silly munching today with a couple of my downfalls (chocolate and cake!), I will now start the diet tommorow morning. I have gained about 6 pounds since coming off Cambridge Diet, which is what I expected so its not a problem at all.
Hope to be able to tell you how I am getting on at the weekend. Thanks very much for your welcomes, which has really helped me to get focused x


Green tea advocate!!
Best of luck on WW! It really is a fantastic diet and i'm sure you'll do fab!! How's your first couple of days going? :)


Up for the challenge
Hope all is going well my dear. xxx

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