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Hello Ladies and Gentleman :)

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My names Rachael i did slimmingworld about 3 years ago and lost alot of weight however i was only 14 and rebelious and didnt really learn anything and put it back on plus more!
So i've been doing lighterlife for the past 4 weeks and lost 2 stone 1lb, however, im hating not being able to cook, prepare meals, eat with the hubby, its killing me!
I loved the simplicity of slimmingworld and the choice of food! (o what i would do for a bowl of pasta or some egg and chips right now lol!!)
I was just wondering what your ladies and mens experiences are as im now 19 and its been a while since i last did the diet haha!
I just want a normal life and im finding it really hard to just have shakes and soups! i want a nice crispy salad or some gorgeous creamy yogurt lol!!
I have about 6 and a half stone to lose now and just wondered your guys views!
Thanks everyone :)
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i think slimming world is perfect for people our age(im 18) its fits in really well with our busy and social lifestyle:)
iv only got two stone to lose so lose it quite slowly.so in 7 weeks iv lost almost 1stone.so i would fully recommend it
S: 20st0lb C: 20st0lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thats really good progress! nice and steady 2lbs per week = longer term success!!
Its like i've had to decline 2 meals out!! and its my hubbys 19th tomorrow and we cant go out and celebrate i feel like im losing myself! :(
I think i just need to live again, i dont care what anyone says food is a big part of life and celebrating!
I loved slimming world before i could have all my favourite foods and no guilt!
Thankyou for your response!


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Go out tomorrow and enjoy a lovely meal the both of you, go online and find your nearest slimming world club and join and come on boards and have fun, there is always loads of advice from ppl, its brilliant. I was always a ww person and swear blind never to touch sw and im converted now, go and enjoy all the food you like and also still have crisps or anything you crave within your daily syns oops not forgetting ya hex's a's+b's. Gooooo for it hehehehe and good luck :)


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And save yourself a fortune to boot! It won't be as fast, but you won't end up with the loose skin fast weightloss leaves you with, and you'll be healthy and feel normal!
S: 20st0lb C: 20st0lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
your all so right! And i would have the energy to work out again! which i havent for the last 5 weeks!
I feel motivated again, excited and you ladies are so nice :) I think ill be re-joining on wednesday and i think tomorrow i will be cooking a lovely meal for myself and my gorgeous hubby!
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Just wanted to say hello, i joined SW 2 weeks ago after doing only a week on the CD diet, i totally understand the need to eat! lol i chose SW because of the simplicity of the plan i am on extra easy and although the advice is it will take a little while for your body to cope with food again, it is brilliant for a long term sustainable diet. Even though i was on cambridge i managed to loose 3 and a half pounds last week so do not regret my choice to go on SW. All the best x
A girl i worked with did lighterlife last year, I could not believe how quick she lost weight :eek: she didn't look well though & put a lot of weight back on :( welcome to the forum, I'm new aswell, only on week 3! Here's to eating lots of yummy food again x
Soups and shakes might be a great way of losing weight, but it's a diet that is only meant as temporary. The great thing about slimming world is it encourages you to eat healthily and you feel better because you know you are eating the right food.

Also, I've heard if you lose weight gradually you are more likely to keep it off.


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