Hello, new here


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S: 10st3.3lb C: 23st8.7lb G: 20st6.6lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: -13st5.4lb(-130.77%)
Hello, everyone, I am new here.
I tried to lose weight 1 year ago, I want to lose about 5kg first. So I bought a gym card, and hire a professional trainer to help me. it turned out there is nothing changed 4 months later, but my knee was injured. so i give up.
Everyone always tell me that swimming is the best way to me, I am considering it now.
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Swimming is good. I haven't been swimming this year because of the lurgy. So I have just used low carb.


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Welcome to minimins @AnjaliF . Yes swimming is a good exercise for low impact on joints. I personally am not able to exercise much as I have many health issues which are always conducive to exercise. But I have followed slimming world for 14 months and I am just shy of losing 6 stones (about 38kg)..

I find using minimims for support useful as do the challenges there is one set up for the year https://www.minimins.com/threads/team-50-christmas-2022.370493/, for a shorter challenge https://www.minimins.com/threads/easter-challenge-2022.370509/
I like the fact I report in every week my gains, maintains and losses useful it keeps me motivated with having nearly 10 stones (roughly 63kg) to lose it wasnt going to be a quick weight loss journey.