Hello - New to Minimins and Slimming World!


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Welcome and good luck!
I was on slimming world for a while a few years ago - i seemed to have more weight loss than my mum and i was always on green days due to being vegetarian.
I think it might just be different for everyone!


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Just wanted to say hi and good luck. I have also just joined on here (looks great and very supportive!) i am also starting the slimming world diet, well re-starting as i gave up for a while but this time i am trying to do it at home and see how i get on!

Good luck to you x x

Mumma K

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Welcome to the forum, and good luck on your weightloss journey look forward to hearing how you are getting along


Thanks everybody, first few days have gone better than I expected and I feel better having taken the first steps. The muller lite yogurts have been a big help!

Good luck to the other newbies/returners - am sure there's a lot we can learn from the members on here who seem to be losing loads of weight! M xx :)


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Just saying Hi and good luck!