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Hello, new to this site


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I don't know if i'm posting in the right section? This forum is new to me.

I'm Jade, I'm 21 from Stoke on Trent and Mummy to 2 Daughters, Aaliyah (4) and Myah (1).

I have joined slimmingworld before a few years ago and lost 2.5 stone but I felt like I was going to turn into a jacket potato :rolleyes:
I'm back now and heavier than I was when I first started :cry:
I am 16st 7lb at the moment :eek: and would like to get down to 12st!

I have decided to follow the extra easy plan but i'm a bit worried that it slows down weightloss?
When I used to do red days, a jacket potato was a B extra on red? Now you can eat meat and potatoes freely on extra easy? hmmm...? I think only the scales will tell on Tuesday if it's working for me or not...but i'm actually eating nicer things now than I did before I joined back. :D

Hope everyone is well.

Jade x
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Hi JD, Welcome to minimins this is a great site i to would like to get down to 12st the extra easy is a fab plan in my opinion, also i have done the red and green days yes you can mix your meat and potatoes on a ee day and it isnt as restrictive as the other plan.
Good Luck on the plan
Hi Jade and welcome :)
Do you think SW would push EE as their main plan if it slows down weight loss? Nope, me neither!

It works well, although you can have red and green, you have to have a third superfree with each meal and also you only get one A and B choice. Finally, you are encouraged to snack only on superfree so that's how you restrict it a bit.

It does work hun and it's so much more flexible - especially for family life and eating out.

Good luck.
I mostly stick to EE, with only the occasional red/green day, but 97% of the time I do EE and have lost 2.5 stone in 5 months, so it really works. I love the plan :)

GL with your journey!
EE is the way forward my lovley, but only you will know what works best.. if EE means you can change for life, maybe slower losses are a small price to pay!? personally my losses are no better doing red and green, and if anything my losses are slower on R&G but everyone is so so different! only time will tell as you say.

Welcome back. xxxxxx
Hi there and welcome.

I would suggest trying EE to begin with, you will quickly learn that the rest of your family will also benefit from the meals that you are eating too. Its really versatile.
If you find that your losses then slow down, you can alternate with a Red or Green Day thrown in for good measure.
Give it a try Hun, you will be surprised.
Im pregnant and have found that the EE suits me better at the moment.


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