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Hello Newbie here -bit scared! :-/

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Don't panic. It is tough for the first 3-5 days but once you're in ketosis( fat burning) your hunger diminishes massively. Ketosis isn't too scary, its the same as if you do the atkins diet, just that on a vlcd you're restricting calories as well as carbs. Ive been on the diet for 38 days and if it was that hard i wouldn't have managed, im a serial diet quitter! :) good luck. Have you had a look through all the info on the slim and save site?
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It's not hard at all once you get going. I have never thought less about food in my life than being on this diet. All the food you do get is nice, and you don't feel hungry once you are in ketosis, so that's not a factor. Honestly, it's a lot less hard than you think it will be.
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I'm a newbie too n kinda scared. Look forward to reading ur progress!


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This may sound strange, but once you get past day 3 a VLCD is the easiest diet you will ever do (imo)
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I'm scared too as i'm trying for the first time(never tried any other diets before).

i'm thinking to start from today(once my packs arrive at 1pm).hope we all can reach our targets as expected,my target is to loose 18b by end of september:confused:


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Having tried other vlcd in the past I have to say this is by far the easiest diet, in fact some days I have to remind myself that it is actually a diet lol

I havent had any hunger feelings at all, not even on day 1, to be honest.

I'm sure once you taste the packs you will get along great!! good luck & hope to read your progress :)
Don't be scared guys

Read the stickies and keep it strict. Once your past day three its plain sailing!

Start a diary and keep accountable :)

You can do it!!

18lb will be gone easy!



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Agree with all the above, get the first few days out of the way and you'll be amazed how well you feel, how hunger is not a problem and how quickly you lose weight :)
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Thank you so much for your support guys and gals :)

Ordered my samplepack just now so won't get till friday I'm guessing?

So Saturday I will start in earnest!!!!

Watch this space, omg just realised i've got 63lbs to lose!!!! Or thats what google told me!!!!
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I would add that ketosis is your friend, don't be tempted to cheat once yr in it, cos its a lot harder to get back on track when yr hungry and so many people seem to disappear after a good start, just becos they weren't prepared for the weekends, for colleagues or friends trying to get them to eat off plan.

Eat yr packs and drink yr drinks and the weight falls off. I was a size 22 in July, got into a size 16 this am.


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I'm on day 5 and can honestly say I suffered the first 3 days with a major headache that did not want to go away even with paracetemol. Mind you the pain was so bad I couldnt even think of food and therefor didnt feel the hunger pangs as badly as some others did in the first few days. Im feeling good today - and not hungry. In fact I am starting to worry weather I am even busy losing weight - as someone else commented, you dont even feel as if you are on a diet!
Good luck and keep it up, I have seen so many other member's inspiring losses on this forum and it is proof that it will work. We just have to follow the plan.


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Good luck with the plan. There are loads of seasoned pro's on the board who are here to answer any questions you have.

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