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Hello! Newbie here needing to get into right mind set!


Hello all! I've been a bit of a lurker here for a while and find all the posts so inspiring and think you're all doing SO well. :)

I desperately need to lose weight. But my problem is getting into the right frame of mind and actually seeing myself as this great old tub if lard I am and not just talking myself into thinking it's 'not that bad' when I'm just kidding myself. :cry:

I've gone from a steady 13/14 stone to 16stone 9lbs in the last couple of years. I struggle to get into an 18. I kid mysefl because I've still got a good shape and nice waist etc I don't look 'all that bad' but in reality I know I am seen as fat, a big girl, and this is by everyone.

I don't want to be this way anymore, I want to feel sexy and not hate photos (because in pics I see the reality) and hide those and keep more flattering ones so I can keep up this denial. :eek:

I just don't know where to begin or on what as my willpower is non exsistant. I would start by eating soups for supper, but then have rounds of bread and some chocolate. I eat for the sake of eating, I eat too much and I eat all the wrong things. If I've been reasonably 'good' for a few days I think nothing of having a pizza or fish and chips, and I drink quite a lot of cava and cider at the weekends. :eek:

I can't seem to stop, and because my OH doesn't need to diet I get trapped cooking him lovely, cheesy, creamy foods (my favourites) and eating piles of them. I think 'oh well, I can diet tomorrow' and of course never do.

I know I have to lose weight, but can't get started or know what to do. I read pages of healthy eating plans but never bother (I hate things like cous cous, meat, tomato based sauces...) I know I need to exercise but am so tired all the time (probably my weight again) I can't get motivated to get on the exercise bike.

What can I do and how can this 'switch' go off in my head? I even had some horrible man in the street on Saturday shout at me and call me 'big'. :cry: But even that, although awfully painful didn't stop me eating a bit cheesy bowl of pasta and then sausages and chips for dinner the next day.

I need help guys!!!
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Hi and welcome.

You do need to be in the right frame of mind to diet and succeed. Perhaps you should try something structured like SW or WW. Then you do have choice about what you eat.

There are VLCDs like CD, LL and LT. Have a look through the sections and see what you think. We are here to help you

Irene xx
Good Advice Irene, good luck you made the first step speaking on here, it can be done :D keep focused :p and jump on the slimming band wagon :D x
:) Hi guys!

Thanks for popping on to say hello.

I read and read all these inspiring stories and can't wait to be involved more.

The VLCD's sound great because it's the results I think I need to see to keep me motivated, although because of my ridiculously social life (and a fortcoming birthday!) I wonder how I'd stick to them.
I do like the strictness though, and they seem to work at triple the speed of WW etc! But then at least I could still eat and nice things too sometimes! :D


I'll keep pondering what to do I suppose, I just wish something would give (and not just my zip, hehe).
how about you do ww, for a few weeks while you get the social life out the way then commence sole source, tell people you wont be out for awhile, look the social life will be there in few more weeks months etc but your health might not, im a trianed nurse :p and ive seen a patient develop into a insulin controlled diabetic because of weight i mean never to eat sweet food as you please is enuff for me to wake up and get some kick ass motivation going in a few months you could be 3 stone lighter .... and well away from the risk of diabetes also you would be allowed to enjoy a treat now and again, life is for enjoying not feeling embarrassed at the side of others hell im 24 and im kicking it in the teeth now.... i dont want to be yo yoing when i have kids... its something you need to kick in the teeth :p :) x


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Welcome Dazzling:welcome:

I hope you will make yourself at home.

I can so identify with you ....

know I have to lose weight, but can't get started or know what to do. I read pages of healthy eating plans but never bother (I hate things like cous cous, meat, tomato based sauces...) I know I need to exercise but am so tired all the time (probably my weight again) I can't get motivated to get on the exercise bike.
We all deep down want to lose weight with healthy eating and exercise.

It does work of course but when you are feeling trapped by your own body it is not that simple or easy.

Key to success is finding a diet that suits you and one that you like doing and see the results of your dedication and commitment.

Sometimes we have to try a few before we find the one that works into our life style.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks girls!

I do think starting with WW or similar is the best way to go, yes I may not drop stones in weeks, but to see weight coming off (and at my weight it's probably going to be more noticable) is a good enough starting point before going all out with a VLCD or similar which could be too much of a shock to the system. :eek:

I imagine one of the worst feelings must be to start with good intentions and then to fall at a hurdle and beat yourself up over it only to not get back into it which is such a shame.

It's Tesco shopping night tonight, so I'm going to go home, scour the websites for recipes and get ordering!


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Thanks! I'll head over to those forums now for a look.

I quite like the sound of Slimming World too, I'm looking for one online so it's easier (meetings would be near impossible where I work in relation to where I live and getting there) so it's time to do some research and see what the others guys are doing.

I feel welcome already, thanks all SO much. xxx


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I have to say, I had a lot of the same problems as you... I kidded myself, I denied the truth, I completely lacked motivation, I had emotional eating problems and trouble controlling portion size. I half heartedly tried several diets and healthy eating plans, none lasted longer then 4 months, most no longer than 4 days, some not even 24 hours.
The change in attitude comes from wanting to change and routine. You've taken the first step by being here and talking about it and by entertaining the idea of a diet. Now you have to find the personal strength to see it through.
There's tonnes of support, encouragement and inspiration on here. Its what got me on my diet and through my first week. Look at the before and after pictures and see how much people have achieved, through hard work and dedication and know that you can do that too. Because if then can, so can you!
Wishing you all the luck in the world on your weight loss journey,

Thanks again guys!

Well, I got home last night and Boy had been super efficient and done the shopping. :( It's not too bad, as it's only a weeks worth of dinners and there's plenty of veg in there, but unfortunately lots of things like puff pastry, mash, fresh pasta...:cry:

You can see how I got to be rocking over the 16stone mark now can't you! :eek:

Righto, it's going to give me this week to sort my plan out properly then. I'll still be as good as I can be with what I have arriving tonight, but I will set my target start date for a week today.


Ps. The before and after pics are AMAZING!!!

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