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Hello - Newbie here!


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Hi to all the SW Ladies & Gents!! :wave_cry:

I am Sara, 28 and a Mummy to a 10 month old gorgeous little lady called Amelie. I have done SW in the past and found that it works well for me as I am veggie (although I do eat fish).

I have been having a mooch through your "show me pics of your food" thread and found my mouth watering! That combined with the fact that I have gone up to a Size 14 since I had my little lady has made me decide to restart SW but I will have to do it without going to groups as I am working fulltime and my OH practices with his band on the night my group is on :cry:

I am looking for some inspiration for some quick & easy breakfasts & lunches, I have access to a microwave, toaster & kettle in work for my lunch.

At the moment my Breakfast consist of a red grapefruit about 8am and then 2 pieces wholemeal toast with LCL and vegemite abotu 10am. I know I will have to drop this down to 1 slice as it's an 800g loaf.

I look forward to you all accompanying me on my weight loss.

(Oh by the way, I like to talk, can you tell?!) ;)

Sara xx
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mines a skimmed latte
i love mushroom and garlic cous cous for lunch - packet mix just add hot water x
Hi Sara,

Good luck, easy breakfast - warmed up muller light with some fruit, toast, weetabix with warm milk, easy lunch mugshots, pasta 'n' sauce or batchelors rice - or left overs from night before

Certain pasta n sauces made up in microwave are nice with added mushrooms and tomatoes.
I eat lots of salads too!
Jacket potatoes will be your best friend....there are several different fillings that you can have.
There are some others on here that are vegetarian and they will have heaps of ideas Hun!


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Thank you for your replies :)

Unfortunately I can't have Mullerlights as they have Gelatine in :cry: I am going to go to Asda tomorrow though and see if there are any equivalent free yoghurts which look good.

I have planned all of my meals for next week now and have a shopping list ready to go!

Thanks once again

Sara x
Hi Sara and welcome.

Do you eat eggs? omelette dishes can be bought for the microwave and SW quiche is a godsend for me!

Other than that I do ryvita/scan bran and cottage cheese, some of the soups from Hex B, fruit salad, kedgeree if you're on extra easy. Hope this helps. good luck :0)


mines a skimmed latte
make youself some homemade soup out of your free/superfree veg and you'll have a filling lunch and better weight losses x


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Thanks for your replies, I have started my own Food Diary on here, feel free to have a look and give me any tips.
Hiya and welcome to the forum :)
Hope your weight loss journey goes well and wish you the best of luck.
Ill look forward to reading your posts :)

Hello!!! Welcome xxx


I want to be fitter again
Hi and welcome. I often take for lunch a smaller version of what i had the night before. I always keep in my desk drawer ryvitas, and packets of uncle bens express rice. Although they are synned (ie about 2) they are quick and filling. I often keep a half dozen eggs in the fridge as scrambled microwaved egg is good xx
Hey, Pasta 'n' Sauces are great, also noodles, Soups, Jackets are sooo yummy and you can mix up the fillings, My fave would be beans and cheese, remember to always measure as i found i kept giving myself double or triple portions of things like cheese and cereal!! Good Luck xx


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Thank you to everyone who welcomed me :)


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Thank you to everyone.

Are all Batchelor's Pasta n Sauces free? I have some Garlic Mushrooms and some creamy tomato ones in the cupboard.

Also, has anyone else had weight loss success just doing Green Days? Is it not carb overload?

Thanks once again
Welcome Sara

I am a newbie too and intend on doing it myself! I haven't had time to read anyone elses replies so not sure if anyone has mentioned Extra Easy. That has been my saviour whilst doing Slimming World.

Talk away, it's nice to have a natter lol

Good luck with your weight loss

Hayley xxx


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Hi Hayley,

What is Extra Easy & could I follow it even though I am vegetarian?

Extra easy is a combination of free foods from green and red days. Whatever is free on those days, is free on extra easy. I only suggested it because this will include fish as being free. I'm sure you mentioned that you eat it x

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