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    Welll, time to grab the bull by the horns!

    i did LL back in 2008 and lost 4st....I've now got a considerable amount to lose!! I'm putting a rough target of 7 stone to lose.

    i was 18 back when I lost the weight the first time and, being young, when I lost the weight I was all about meals and drinking out with my friends and over the past 6 years it's crept back on..and a few stone more!!!

    I've tried every diet under the sun, Paleo, Slimming World, Weight Wathchers, Dukan, Cambridge...everything. But the only thing I remember really working was Lighter Life! So, I've called my old counsellor and have a meeting at the end of next week to start again on Saturday (11th).

    Really determined, really have to do this!!! I can't be that awkward, uncomfortable girl on the beach this summer!!

    Love to hear other people's successes & chat to others following the plan!

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    lighter life /slim and save
    hi there , I going back to abstinence on Monday , cant wait !!! I did it 2006/07 and cant loose the baby weight from 3 years ago now , been reading my old posts and super excited to start :0)


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    well done ladies!! I did total earlier this year, but I don't think that I can do full abstinence again!! I started lite yesterday. I am hoping to lose 10lbs in Jan!

    Good luck x x x

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