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Hello :-)!!

Hey, im new to the Slimming World Forum. I have previusly posted in the Lipotrim Forum but didnt stick to that for long....its cruel!!

I joined back at Slimming World last Thursday as ive recently put on some weight....well all of the 4 and a half stone i lost at slimming world last year :cry:! Really determind again and this time i WONT put it back on!

Hoping to use this forum as a tool for support if i struggle or wobble!

Wish me luck!!!!!!​
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Hi Ceri and welcome back to SW :)

What is lipotrim by the way?

Congrats on losing the four and a half stone, just goes to show how well you can lose weight when you follow a good clever easy plan like SW! Comiserations on putting it back on again though, I did the same almost earlier this year, lost 3 stone and put over 2 of them back on again, Grrrr

Not again though!

Welcome back
Hi Ceri and welcome back to SW!!!

You did it before and you can do it again Hun.....good luck!
Hello, and welcome. I also joined last week, but on Tuesday so have my first Weigh In tomorrow.

You will have all the support here you need to lose the extra again!

Yeah Lipotrim is HORRID!! i've done it on 4 different occasions and while the weight losses are big and fast you cannot eat a thing, not even a taste and can only drink water and black tea and black coffee!! everytime i've put all of the weight back on and more because it doesnt educate you to choose the right foods and make your own choices, if anything it makes you crave food so much more that when you can finally eat again you have a massive binge and undo all your good!
Slimming world is sooooo much better because you don't deprive yourself of anything!
Thankyou everyone for all your support, im really looking forward to weighing on Thursday, just hope its good news!!

Lipotrim is a total meal replacement plan, just shakes and soups.....awful!!

Stick with healthy eating and a bit of excercise and you wont go far wrong :D!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I think its a meal replacement where you have shakes and soups. I couldnt do it, love my food to much!
shakes and soups?
or unlimited pasta/rice/eggs/beans/etc?

Tricky choice ;)

I wouldn't last 5 minutes on a 'diet' like that, and of course I wouldn't get the education in food that SW is giving me, and that I so badly need!! :D:D:D


I will succeed!!!
Hello and welcome! Or welcome back :)

Hope you have a great first week xxx
Well ladiesboy i lasted 5 days and lost 9lb! Sounds alright but dont think i'll be putting myself through it again.

Couldnt weight to get home on day 5, make a chilli and wash it down with wine....heaven :p!

Slimming world is definately the best way to lose weight for me and im hoping that i will be as successful as i was last year with it!

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