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Hello girls,

I'm not a newbie to Slimming World but am to this board!

I've been doing Slimming World for a couple of months now and after getting off to a fantastic start, I'm now not getting anywhere, I just dont know where all my motivation has gone!

I do think that my diet-disaster Christmas has given me a huge step back, maybe well over my first weigh in weight :cry:

Please, please, please help me motivate myself!!
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Oh RolaCola, put Christmas behind you, whatever the damage, and start again!! Think of 2010 as a clean slate and one where you can lose tons of weight!! Even if youve put on, you'll shift it pretty quickly!! As lots of people have said, its not what you do between Christmas and New Year, its what yoy between New Year and Christmas!! Wise words!! Go to your weigh in, stay to class if you do attend a meeting, and deal with it NOW before you do let things slip out of control!! Remember why you started this process 2 months ago, and be glad you started then and how much you could have put on by now if you didnt make that step!! Good luck!


Thank you!!

I wish 2 months ago was the first time I joined but no, I joined the very very first class in January 2009!!! Of course, I'm heavier now than I was then!!

Everytime I get motivated I seem to have a really good couple of weeks, something crops up, I had the odd off day and then that's me done and it's a downward spiral from there!

Hoping to break the habit this year - maybe that should be my new years resolution! A set back doesnt mean the end of the world!


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I'm re-starting on 1st Jan after about 18 months of messing around. I intend to go for it properly too.

I'm thinking back to how I felt 18 months ago when I lost a stone in my first 4 weeks, and using the memory to motivate myself.

It doesnt matter what we have done wrong, how we have fallen off the wagon, it's about our motivation to get back on there as soon as we're ready, and change the things we went wrong with originally.

Good luck with it all, I'm sure you'll find loads of motivation here with these ladies (and gents!!)



Never gets tired of SW!
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Well said RhiBro! Its a big learning curve for me! Ive always been terrible for throwing myself 100% into a 'diet' (if im allowed to call SW that!!! Ill probably be shot!) only to abandon it as soon as an event or holiday gets in the way! I think im finally learning that a few days are insignificent in the grand scheme and that the getting right back on track is the key as is seeing the whole thing as a journey for life, not a short term fix! I cant believe I was stupid enough never to get the hang of that notion before!!!


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Agreed with both these girls! I too joined SW in Jan 2009, lost 2 and a hald stone then couldn't be 'bothered' anymore I guess. Worst thing I did was stopping my new LIFESTYLE. Cause basically that's what it is, a way to control everything you eat - bas stuff in moderation. Now, I am looking to the future, as you should be - cause if you keep looking back and thinking you've failed you'll never get back on the wagon. We've all fallen off, it's how you get back on that counts!! Good luck :)

Chicky Noops

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Welcome to the board and good luck with your weight loss in the new year!


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Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your SW journey.


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best of luck - you will do it this time!!


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rolacola use your weightgain as fuel to your motavation rather than a stone around your neck to hold you back. good luck x