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hi, ive been off n on for a while but officially restarted 2day. got all my info and foodpacks last nyt so im motivated but sitting infront of the computer looking for inspiration. im doing lite this time as i domt have as much to lose as before and my doctor wouldnt sign me off as i had a few med problems recently.
how you getting on? xx
Yeah I cannot wait to start. This week is going so slowly...always the way when you're looking forward to something.
How are the shakes etc? I'm a little worried they will taste like the horrible slim fast ones :s
theyre not powdery at all like slimfast i really like them. i have mine with between 250ml and 300ml water and use an electric hand blender, they are really frothy and creamy when you do this.
i dont like the soups though, i only liked the veg at first but even that turns my stomach now... i love the chilli con carne people say its like marmite you either love it or hate it. i love it!!! lol and as for the bars the peanut and cranberry bars are my two faves, i had to give up the fudge nut bars as they were too yummy, i wanted more so i just dont get them now at all. xx
good thanks, ive had my strawb shake and gonna have my chilli con carne at bout 1:30 then heading to asda to pick up my allowances. i truly hope this determination carries me through this time. how are you getting on/ your losses so far is fantastic!! xx
Thanks, Carrie. I'm doing ok - really pleased with the results, and finding it so much easier than I thought it would be. I have my moments (usually when cooking for the family) where I find it difficult, but most of the time I'm just really positive about this and where I'm heading for!!

Funny you mention the nut fudge bars. I'd heard lots about them when I started so had one as soon as I was allowed - and hated it! However I've got one for later this afternoon as people say your tastebuds change over time and I wanted some variety.

I'm a BIG fan of the chilli, too! Lots of people seem to hate it but I think it's great! and I agree about the cranberry and the peanut bars. YUM!
initially i hated the nut fudge bars too then when i restarted id heard that much i thought id try them again...... too good lol

i even tried cutting them up and putting them in the freezer to make them last.... nope easier for me to just not have them in the house lol.

have you tried the savoury broth? that is soo yummy xx
Hi Carrie glad your on here for support. I check the forum every lunchtime and often not much has changed from the previous day :S

I need support too, im starting again now after lapsing all week :( I have told my counsellor and she said to build a bridge over it, try and understand why i did it and move on.

Hope you have a good day x
hi carrie,
how u gettin on i have to say im missin food and its only been since this mornin !! any idea on how to make the coffee with the vanilla shake i have heard alot about it x
yep make up your coffee on your shaker with 200-250mls boiled water then add your shake, i whisk with my electric blender. if you dont have one make up your shake with a little cold water then add hot water and cofee. good luck and enjoy. it is soo yummy xx
jennifer i agree with ur llc, dont get down thinking about it just move forward and try and remember how you feel right now when you feel you might lapse. i know easier said than done im the worlds worst but it does make me think twice.
good luck xx


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What's up chick?
How is it?!
Is there anything in particular you're struggling with at the moment?
You haven't got a lot to lose at all (jealous)
You'll do great I'm sure! :)
because ive done it before and i know it works is my downfall because i keep thinking "oh ill just start again 2moro".
not this time no way hosay
ive got a pounding headache, surely too early? im not looking forward to the next few days. wish i could just go to bed and wake up sat or sun lol. xx


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I know! The first few days are tough. But hey. What are a few days in the great scheme of things!
By Saturday afternoon you'll be feeling a whole load better!
Yes, it's tempting to say, oh I'll start next Monday but the reality is the longer we postpone it, the worse we have to suffer afterwards. I'm still trying to figure out what it is that's making us sabotage our own happiness and success. Maybe it's fear?
It took me over a year to finally decide to go back on LL. In that time I was battling with myself living in denial but I really should have not let it carry on for so long.
So well done for grabbing the bull by it's horns and doing something about it now.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that the next few days will pass relatively pain free and indeed that they are the last first three days! :)
thankyou, i was in bed at half 8 last nyt..... just too exhausted and a pounding headache, even co-dydramol didnt make it go away, was peeing like a racehorse through the nyt so hopefully ill be in ketosis 2moro at some point lol.
i dunno why i have sabotaged my efforts in the past, it doesnt make me feel any better thats for sure but im either binging or in abstinance which is worse so thats why im doing the lite programme this time. i know itll take me a while longer tto get there but it did take me a long time to get to where i am now.
hope everyone has a great day xx
i keep thinking "oh ill just start again 2moro".
Oh this is my problem!!

I went out to uy lunch there just now (because ive lapsed all week :cry:) but ended up coming back with just a bottle of sparkling water. The reason being is because a girl in the same office as me has been back on it 4 days and lost 10lbs so that inspired me to start today, why wait until tomorrow?

Hope your day going ok carrie x
thanks jennifer im going strong... my oh will be home soon so he keeps me on the straight n narrow my first few days i wish he was off 2moro....
im on hols this week as the children are off school and i knew my work were gona be really short staffed 2moro so ive offered to work half 1 till half 4. thatll keep my mind off food i hope lol.
good luck jennifer u can do this... xx

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