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hi wanted to introduce myself im desiree i was given my prescription for xenical today and plan to start it within the next few days i really hope it works for me im a mum of 5 and need to loose 90 pounds i am currently 288 pounds, i have never seen myself as youck and ugly but i dont want to be this size anymore and its started to really get to me
i am not a fit person can anybody suggest a excericse regime to start with ?
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Hey desireeanne, welcome!

I'm not fit either but really enjoy Zumba! Or you could just start going for long walks around your local area - free and fun! The weather might be rubbish but you'll start to warm up as you walk ;)

Do you have a gym membership?

Good luck xxx


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Like evilpenguin, I also love my Zumba! I've recently joined our local gym and do quite a bit of cardio work in there, also walking is really good way to make a start with your exercising. I'm currently doing either gym or Zumba four nights a week, and seem to be resting at the weekend.

Zumba is good for anyone because you can do it at your own level, and when you look around, everyone is doing it slightly different, so you don't feel like your doing it wrong!

Good luck!!


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Hi desiree, welcome to the forum! Walking is an excellent way to start for those of us with joint problems. Try walking for half an hour to begin with, then as your body adjusts to it, try increasing the length of time you walk, or try walking a little faster to burn more calories. Take it slowly and increase gradually and you'll be feeling fitter in no time! :)


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How did you find the zumba? I'm interested in trying it too but I haven't gotten round to it yet.
hey there im currently training to be a fitness instructor and in process of learning everything there is.. i started at 25 stone and could only manage walking a few minutes before having to sit down so i say walking at home is great , if you dont feel comfy goiing to the gym remember the trick is to MOVE doesnt matter what you do as long as your body is moving you are burning calories and speeding up your metabolic heart rate (metabolism) . putting music on and dancing on your own was a good one for me , a mini trampoline also is great as its low impact.. if you have the wii a few good wii games are now out which i think give good but doable exercises.. also a few dvds let me know and ill give my advice on which dvds ect i think are good x
with the zumba i did find i had to take a break a few times and did not do the whole thing i did 3 moves but was quite happy with my slef because i tried it i was thinking maybe walk one day and zumba the next so im not doing the same thing all the time


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It's great that you went to Zumba, it doesn't matter that you had to sit out for a while, at least you stuck with it and finished the session! You'll find it gets easier once you get used to it.

I'm 17 and a half stone, so I've got a lot to lose too. I think the best way is to just stick with the exercise and keep to the rules of low fat meals. It's simple, but it works! :)


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Haha that's great! It'll become easier to walk faster and for longer as you get used to it, so keep it up. I walk half an hour to university and half an hour back five days a week and I try to fit in 3 or 4 Wii Fit sessions of at least 30 minutes a week too. I want to join the gym but I'm a bit embarrassed still. But it's my goal for this month, so I'll have to pluck up the courage soon!


Go on smile! =)
Hi desiree, welcome to the forum! Wish you all the best with your weightloss!

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