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Hi. just wanted to introduce myself. Im Emma im 31. It feels like i am always on a diet or thinking about my weight and what i eat. i seem to yo yo between 11st and 13st 8lb ( which is my biggest weight) its the weight i feel the most uncomfortable at and its always the point in which i decide to lose weight.

i started around march this time but had a 2 week wobble about a month in. started back about 2 weeks ago and so far my motivation has been very good and ive lost a further 7lb. i go on holiday at the end of august and i am determined to feel good and confident about myself and also look slim.
i have never worn a bikini EVER. especially after having 3 kids (16,12,3) i hold alot of flab on my belly and upper arms and have stretch marks so have never been confident showing flesh.

anyway. this time im going to do it ! i swear to god i will !

im on a low calorie diet of 1200 calories a day.
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Good luck Kayla!!!! And welcome to the forum!! Everyone here is fab, and great for inspiration and motivation!! Though you sound like you're already determined to do this!!

Having had a little one myself, i totally know where you're coming from re: the extra wobbly bits on my tum and arms!!
I've just ordered Jillian Michaels 30 day shred in an attempt to help tone up as i'm on holiday in August as well!!!
There's a thread on here somewhere called Team Shreddies, so if it's any good i'll let you know- although the girls already doing it have had great results!!!

Good luck and look forward to chatting to you!!

Love and hugs xxxx
thanks hun. yeah i have huge bingo wings and i must be carrying about 2 stone of wobbly flab on my belly which is split into 2 massive tyres.

my arms, face, chin and stomach seem to carry it all ! like i said im not a very confident person and really paranoid about how i look. thats also something i need to work on. because i've seen ladies much larger than me wearing bikini's on holiday who were positively glowing and had pride about themselves regardless of the size they were. i need to be more positive about me.

hopefully i learn along the way


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Just checked your stats - are you really 13 feet tall?!??!?! Wowzer!! :p
I gest of course, but i'm much the same as you - although i also get paranoid about my back fat and wobbly thighs as well!!
Annoyingly the first place i lose weight is my boobs, and not my waist or stomach!!

I think we all have some amount of paranoia or anxiety about the way we look, but you're right, there are always people that have more to lose and seem more confident. I think it all comes down to acceptance. I've accepted that i'm overweight and need to do something about it - i'm hoping with each stone that comes off, the self loathing will turn to love and acceptance, and in turn will make me more confident!!!

You are going to look *amazing* come summertime, and you will have a fabulous body to show off in a bikini - what's not to love?!?!


Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx


Hippety Hop!
Hi Emma, Welcome to the forum and well done on your loss so far.

It's rather amazing how differently we all carry the extra weight, isn't it? Mine is all round my hips, tummy and bust and never seem to affect my arms and legs very much.

I am on a 1000 cal limit so 1200 should give you quite an amount of choices - still hard tho' I know. Hope you will be able to get to your goal and I wish you all the very best ......:)
oops :D i put in 162cm. just saw it wanted inches ! lol corrected it now haha.

yes. confidence is a big factor as well as my relationship with food. i eat too much crap and i need to get to a point where 80% of the food i eat per week is within a healthy calorie range of about 1700 and then i can have maybe 1 day a week for a treat. i lose it and then im not very good at the maintenance.
anyway, i'll cross that bridge when i come to it

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