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Hello buntley :)
Nice to meet you.. Wishing you the best of luck.. This site is great for the support you need on Lipotrim .. How are you getting on today?


Back on the wagon!
Hi there....I previously did LT (now on New You) and lost 65llbs in less than 4 months....its fab and my friends on Minimins were great to keep me motivated.....and logging on kept me away from thinking of anything other than the pounds melting away!!
hi welcome, i'm pretty new to LT i'm on day four, this forum is great to keep up motivation, wishing you luck
I have just started today on Lipotrim need to lose 6 stone I weight 24 stone at the mo and wanting to get down to about 18 stone
:bighug: Welcome Buntey & well done on making the decision to tackle the weight. That's the first big step. Once you get over week one and weigh in for the first time & see how much you've lost you'll be soooo inspired to keep going. We're all at different stages on this forum so ask if you need any advice or support. You'll get lots of both xx
Thanks everyone on day 2 and felling OK not as hungey as I thought I would. I have to lose this weight as I think I will have a heart attack soon. I was rushed into hospital a few weeks ago and told have to loose it or else. I'm 40 yrs old with 2 kids that I want to see grow up my knees hurt ankels too so yes It has to go. Will keep you updated
keep at it, you will defo see the weight drop off if you stick 100% ad after the first 5/6 days it defo gets easier :) Use this forum as much as you need as it certainly gets me through the tough hours x
Hi Buntey! Wishing you lots of luck on your journey. I'm new to it too and want to lose a similar amount. We can do it xxxx
I'm off it sick of the taste feel like crap if people cannot take me the way I am sod them I have one life and I want to eat
That's the attitude I thought I had for a long while Buntey but it was just a cover up for how I really felt....disgusted with myself. You need to do this for YOU and YOU ALONE to be healthy and energetic and to live your life to its full potential. PLEASE don't pack it in again altogether. There are LOADS of different weight loss plans to suit everyone. Lipotrim is not for the faint-hearted I totally agree. It's hard and extremely strict but it WORKS. But as I say there is a plan out there to suit everyone so PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!! We are all here to help and support you xxx
Hi Buntey

Sorry to hear you have decided to not do this weightloss plan like Shivie says I hope you go onto do another weightloss plan to help you lose the excess weight and become healthier.
We all deserve good health and being a good body weight is linked to it.
I wish you well.
Hi, ive just read your post. I was 22st and lost over 4st my self just by healthy eating, i still ate my fav takeaway but i just made sure i ate healthy the rest of the week. Im now on lipotrim at 18st 4lb. Please dnt give up. Ive been in denile a long time, and untill you accept that you need to do it for you then you may never loose it. Im on day 2 and im struggling so much but in 2 days have lost 5lb!!! just think of the weight loss and it will get you through. I hope you re-consider hun x


Back on the wagon!
I'm off it sick of the taste feel like crap if people cannot take me the way I am sod them I have one life and I want to eat
:wave_cry: Hope you are still on line.....if you find LT hard - there are a number of other TFR diets. I did LT before but I am now on NewYou - it has a wider variety of foods and might suit you better.

Keep posting and you will get the motivation.....this is an amazing forum with people who have sooo much experience to help you on the way!!!!
Health and family should be massive motivators. This diet gets much, much easier very quickly. I have no self-control except on this diet - so don't lose hope (if you're still on the forums!)

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