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Hello All,

Just wanted to re-introduce myself! I started the Cambridge Diet nearly 2 years ago at 13.5 lost a stone so was doing well (I am 5.6) so only another stone and I was going to be in the normal category but then I got to confidant and got into the vicious circle of losing/gaining/losing/gaining until now I have got to 15 stone and do you know what I don't even know how I got here but what I do know it that it is making me so miserable and I really need to do something about it. I am going to be 30 on November 10th this year so my goal is to be 11 stone which will be a healthy weight for me, probably put me in a size 12 outfit (am currently in a really really tight 16) and hopefully make me feel fabulous on my birthday! If I average around 4 pounds per week I will do it so wish me luck!!

Anyone else starting today? Perhaps we can encourage each other along the way??
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Hiya Ali lovely to hav you here, Im just starting my second week with my friend jools. There are new people starting all the time so im sure you will find someone to buddy up with. xxxx


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Hi Saraian24,

Congratulations on your 2nd week how was your first week? Are you finding it ok, is this the first time you have done the diet?



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Welcome back Ali and best of luck with your fresh restart!

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Mini,

I remember reading your posts! Wow well done you have really done well are you doing CD?



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Hi Ali

Welcome back I am on day 6 of restart and also want to get to 11stone - ideally by end of November. How are you finding yr first day? x
Hi Ali, I too struggle and tend to yoyo and now I'm at my heaviest....which is more than I weighed when I gave birth last year!!!!!!! When I had my son I went down to 14st, then went on CD got to 12st then have ballooned back up to 14st4lb!!!!!!! And like you I just dunno when it even went on! It just has! So I'm hopefully getting back on track now......but for some reason I'm finding it reallu difficult this time around! God only knows why!
Good luck x x x x
welcome back on board Ali. xxx
Hi Ali i'm on day 5 today after a restart, i also started CD in feb this year i had lost a stone on my own then 25 on CD and I felt amazimg still had 1 stone 8 pounds to go to get to 11 stone (my goal) but still felt fab....then I too got confident buying clothes from shops i couldnt before went on holiday then a weekend away and then nights out meals out and before i knew it i had put on almost 2 stone, however this went on very quickly so I am praying that when i get weighed on tuesday a good chunk of that wight will quickly come off so good luck and i can certainly emphatise with you how quickly it can go back on (it scared me) so loads and loads of luck


has started again!!
Hiya! Just restarting CD myself, as of today!! Have regained 4 stone since Jan..... enough said!!!

Good luck & all the best!
Hi Saraian24,

Congratulations on your 2nd week how was your first week? Are you finding it ok, is this the first time you have done the diet?


Yes first time doing it and determined after seeing that first big loss!
Finding it fine now ketosis is firmly established, am looking forward to seeing big inch lossage lol"
Hello All,​

Thank for the messages!!​

Amylou - Glad I am not the only one to go up/down! It is so hard and I have restarted so many times but I got on the scales today and was 15 stone and the realisation was to much to bear I don't like being fat and that is what I am so I need to do something about it!! Keep going you can do it!​

Tinsel - 25 stone eh ha ha!!! It is so easy though to keep going up and you don't even have to eat that much more just a bad meal here and there and few more snacks and the pounds pile on!! Keep going though have you weighed yourself this week? The first week loss is normally always so good!!​

Sez - Lets movtivate each other we can do this and think shrinking from now on and not going up up up!!​

I have had a good day today but isnt day one always so good! Had a shake at eleven and two and tons of water. I think it's the social aspect that gets me just had a long chat with my best friend and she is like come over next week I will cook a nice meal (she is a fabulous cook) we can have a few drinks! I feel panic wash over me as I have not told anyone yet I have started again as I failed so many times! So I was like yeah sounds good and then I could go next week, eat and then get stuck in the vicious circle or I could be great all week call her Friday night and tell her I am on the shakes again. It is so hard as I love my friends and sitting round there house eating is great but isnt that what got me here!​

Anyway enough rambling I am going to keep a positive mind and stick to this then deal with my friends later in the week! Oh and I got my numbers wrong earlier I will be 12 stone by my birthday in eleven weeks (fingers crossed) so will hopefully be in a nice sexy size 14!!​

Hope everyone is enjoying there Saturday and glugging the water!​

I am off to start a motivational book recommended to me called The Power Of Now so I may be back with some motivational speeches later on!​

Also can anyone tell me what SS+ is I keep seeing it on here​


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