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I have plucked up the courage to join my local session last night. I was the only guy amongest 40 odd very nice ladies.

I even decided to get weighed :eek:

Well I thoughti might need the occasaional kick up the bottom when I go off the rails and of course share my journey. I have read a number of threads on here and I really feel quite lucky to have found this forum.

Well here goes, I managed to stick to it today. I just about to go shopping to stock up. The lady in charge of the sessions was realy nice and adviced me to do the red option for a bit. Many years ago I managed three stone off on the atkins and the red suites me , I also just have to look at a carb and I put on a stone :cry::cry:


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Hi Phil and Welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed class, it really helps staying motivated when you sit with the others and get to share tips etc. Good luck with your weight loss


This is really the time!
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Well done and good luck Phil :)


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Well done on going to your first session, IMHO opinion, that's the most daunting bit of SW! Good luck for your first week. x
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Well done on taking the first step joining SW and welcome to the forum , it's a great place xx


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good luck phil, I am relatively new 2! lol i know what u mean about the carbs I have nightmares about them...though still love my green days 2 :D
Welcome and good luck hun xox


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Hi Phil, welcome aboard! You've jumped over the first hurdle and it's all downwards from here.

We have two fella's in our class and they absolutely love being in a room full of women. We don't half tease them, but they can take it and it's all good fun.

I'm like you with the carbs. I really have to keep mine down, I just don't burn them off very well, so I only do red days. In 5 and a half months I think I've done 1 green day and 2 extra easy days and the rest have been red LOL.

Good luck and keep popping in here, the support is amazing


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Hi Phil, Welcome and good luck. I have only just found this forum and its great support!


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Hi Phil, dont give up on the carbs just yet you might just be eating extra bits that dont go so well with them i did atkins and it made me really ill weight dropped off though. try the odd green day you will be surprised at how you still lose weight and they stop you feeling hungry too XXXXX good luck anyways honey were all here for a chat if you need to vent lol


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Welcome, and good luck! :D
Hi Phil and welcome along!
We have some fellas in our group and they also get a fuss made of them!

You've done the hardest bit walking through the door, so well done. Good luck with your journey!


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Hya Phil welcome to this lovely forum!

Mrs V

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Hi Phil and welcome!!!
How are things going for you so far? Dont forget if you need any extra advice we are here too!
The biggest hurdle (as everyone has already said) was taking yourself off to a class that is predominantly women and standing on scales to see what you weigh! Now that you have got over that, the rest is easy and remember, men loose weight quicker than women!!!


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wow Annie how do u come up with so many RED meal ideas?
I don't know LOL, I just get on with it I suppose. I eat a lot of chicken, because I like chicken, but I'll also have beef, minced beef, stew, shepherds pie... the list is endless :D
Six days So far so good

:) Oh wow my trousers don't pop open. I don't believe it got up yesterday and thought oh dear have to wear my issuedwork trouser which are a little on the snug side......well blow me :eek: I managed to do them up tuck myslef in and wear a belt. I even managed to be comfortable all day.:D

I have stuck to the programme 100% to the letter, its been hard though. Not becuase I felt hungry just being more organised and making time to prepare my lunch for work and taking a bit more just in case I have to do overtime.

I have made a bit of a fopar, that was I bought the wrong Muller Lights. I got the ones with a friut layer on , and found out this ones have Syns......well I just ate the top bit and gave the other bit to my four year old hehehehe.

I feel great, I have even managed to walk 3 miles everyday up and down the hills in our lovely countryside., and the weather has been lovely too... which always helps.


I am really looking forward to my first
weigh in... I hope I have lost. I think I have:) done Ok , but you never know.

I hope all you lovely people are well.

Phil xx
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