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  1. Alcoholiday

    Alcoholiday Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    My name's Dave and I'm currently food optimising with Slimming World.

    I've followed the diet once before and lost nearly 3st but I then left the group thinking I could do it alone, sadly I couldn't and ended up putting all the weight back on plus more.

    I started at the gym in November last year thinking I'd shift some weight that way, but all the exercise just made me even hungrier and I just ended up eating more.

    I rejoined Slimming World last week and slipped straight back into it, I lost 3lb at my first weigh in although I probably over did it a little on my alcohol consumption over the weekend so maybe could have lost more.

    I'm still going gym 3 times a week and really can't wait to lose more weight. I suffer from back problems and the extra bulk doesn't help.

    My wife pointed this forum out to me and it looks great, I've spent all morning reading through some of the posts. I'm off out into the garden now for a bbq with home made burgers ideal for Slimming World. :eat:
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Well done on rejoining SW and congratulations on losing 3lb.

    Good luck

    Irene xx
  4. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. Your wife was absolutely right to point you here! There is loads of support and advice available here. I love your name by the way!
  5. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi Dave and welcome mate.
  6. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Hi, I too am doing SW diet haveing done it before with a class and like you thought I could do it myself and save and few £'s and just like you gained the weight back! So, as I can no longer afford to go to classes I am doing it alone but joined this site yesturday for support hopefully lol. You know the plan works so stick to it and go for it. Enjoy your burgers and have a great time. Hope you have a good loss this week


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