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Hellon and a slimming world Q


I've just found this place whilst doing a search on google. I've done slimming world before and am planning on starting again tomorrow. I struggle to get to a meeting (single working mum, no family and general taxi driver to kids makes it virtually impossible) so was thinking of doing the online version. However, £60 is a lot of money to pay out in one go for me (cheapest option) so wanted to know if anyone had had any success and is it worth it?

Thanks, Nicki
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Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome! Why not pop on over to the SW board and say hello and ask any questions you may have about the plan! I don't do the official SW online (Body Optimise) but do go to class and use this fabulous forum too! SW has changed in the last couple of years so if you do get the chance maybe heading to just one meeting and getting the new pack may be an option, no need to go back, but it will update you on the new Extra Easy plan etc. Hope to see you over on the SW boards soon xxx

Mumma K

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Hello and welcome

Not sure on Body Optomise site being worth the exceptionally high cost


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Hi Nic67,

Welcome to the forum. Everyone on here has such a sense of community and it doesn't matter what diet you are following, we're all here for one reason and we all support and encourage each other to do our best. There's a whole section on Slimming World so I'd pop in there - so much help and advice there.

Hope you enjoy the forum and it helps you on your weight loss journey - Good luck! xxx


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How old are your children? Only asking as I take my five year old with me to SW meetings. I asked my group leader if she minded and she said that in her other groups quite a few mums bring their children. My daughter loves it, everyone makes a fuss of her. I take a colouring book and some pens for if she gets bored, but mostly she's happy clapping along with everyone else during body optimising. I know you're a glorified taxi service (what mum isn't lol) but your children will need to accept that mum needs one night off a week for the good of her health :p

Personally I think the online price is far too high. It also relies on you weighing yourself too and I really need a complete stranger weighing me, to keep me on the straight and narrow!


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Are you able to get to a local meeting. Worth trying it and see what you think and you will get the up to date set of books too.

Good luck

Irene xx
My son has football training on the same evening and the only other local one is daytime which I can't go to because of work.

I've had a good week though and have decided to mainly do slimming world on days where I can prepare everything in advance and calorie count on other days. I have two friends at work doing slimming world so have some support. The main thing for me is dealing with the sweet tooth and I've had a good week so far - just need to get some more exercise now :eek:)


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Welcome nic67,

I have moved this thread into the Slimming World forum here and left a re-direct so that you can find this thread!

Well done on having a good week and hopefully with the help of our members you will have even a better one next week:)

Wishing you all the best on your Slimming World journey.


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I did consider doing SW online and was totally put off by the price so decided to do it from home using my old books and getting updates and syn queries off here. This board has become much more than that now, it's a total lifesaver and I don't think I'd be where I am now without minimins :) Any questions just ask, everyone is so helpful on here!

Good luck on your SW weightloss journey.
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hi Nic and welcome, I have just finished my 3 months sub with body optimise and i can honestly say,IMHO, it was waste of money,it is not very informative and really pushes EE. As i do mainly red days not very helpful to me personally. The only good part ,for me ,was the checking of syns. Now i just ask on here instead.
I would join a group if there was one but we don't have them here. I am sure it is possible to do it alone with the help of this forum.
This forum is really helpful and supportive, the people are really lovely.
Have you had a look on ebay for the new SW packs? They can be stupidly pricey at times, but occasionally you get a bargain- I go my pack last year for 4quid!
Also, try your local library for SW cook books, ours actually has quite a few, which was apleasant surprise. The SW website and the mag have an Extra Easy sample menu that you can try out. And don't forget to have a nosey in the diary section here, you'll oick up some brilliant ideas


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if you go and join a group it will cost just under £10 - £5 to join adn £4.95 for the week then once you have your books and youve had your talk get weighed and you have everything you need to get started. a lot cheaper than £60 and you might just really like it and want to go back?

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