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  1. Flobby

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    Just wanted to introduce myself.
    I am 27, male, and as of today 89.9kg (my scales measure in kg but I think in lbs)!

    Around three years ago I was at my heaviest, which was good six and a half stone heavier. I was around this weight this time last year but put a couple stone on. I had some difficult life events, and took to my old patterns of emotional eating and drinking. Since Christmas I have lost around a stone and a half, and would now like to lose a bit more. I think I have mostly fixed the emotional eating and drinking - and have also stopped "rewarding" myself with junk food.

    I work a sedentary job but try and walk 3-4 miles a day (I walk to work). I do body weight and kettlebell exercises from time to time. I aim for three times a week but sometimes forget/chose not to.

    I'm hoping a diary will help me stay focused and help me reach my goal.


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  3. katblack

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    Good luck!!!!! :0))
  4. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Well-Known Member

    Hi there. You have done well so far. Walking to work in a sedentary job is a fantastic way to get in your exercise. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading your diary. Are you following a diet or eating plan from a slimming group?

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  5. Flobby

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    Thanks Katblack and Tiger-Lilly!

    Tiger-Lilly - I am just counting calories, not following any diet plan, just consuming 1800 kcal/day 6 or 7 days of the week and occasionally eating out/having a treat :)
    Most of the time I try to eat healthy things that I cook/assemble myself: lots of fruit and salad, lean meats, bit of pasta/rice, some occasional bread. A lot of the time I come home late and tired and eat something out of the microwave - but the good intent is there!

    I have thought about joining Slimming World or something similar so I can talk to people in real life about weight loss but not (edit:Sure) keep putting it off
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