hi guys!

how are you all?

there doesnt seem to be many of you on here doing slimming world? Ive just been surfin away on thier website. Its great, has loads of great recipies & ideas!

For those of you that are, do you guys hav any inspirational stories about great weight losses of SW?

Do all of you attend classes or anyone trying SW at home?

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Hi there,

I have just started doing slimming world yesterday. I am doing it at home so need to keep focussed.

I have had 2 green days up to now, the food seems a little easier on green so I am a bit worried about the red days. think I will be living on stew!



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I'm attending clas, and could never do it home, as my discipline wouldn't be half as good, so I admire anyone who can sucessfully do it.

Check out my blog if you want a bit of inspiration, I've lost 17lbs in my first 6 weeks, I'd like to think it might inspire somone .


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Hey everyone - I chose SW as I love my food and didn't want to 'starve' myself doin anythin drastic, and I can't be doin with weighing everythin out either, the food optimising, healthy extras and just general choice won it for me, I did SW yrs ago, and lost 3 stone on it, so I know it works. I can't get to class as I live in the sticks and have no means of transport - can't expect hubby to take me after a long day at work plus I have a 6 1/2 month old at home, It's great if u can get to class cos it spurs u on and gives u motivation knowing ur gona weigh every wk and mite win 'slimmer of the wk' - great incentive, but, livin in the sticks, at least I can't get to the takeaways and shops, so it's not all bad lol

Best of luck to you all - happy slimming :)

Love, Angel xx


yeh im so so excited to join back to my slimming world class on monday!

Im joining a new group this time as i cant make tuesdays nemore so im gona be the "new girl"!

Im kinda nervous but i just cant wait to get started!



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i think this is a really good diet and very healthy. brilliant for carb fieds and those with big appetites like me. also think it encourages me to snack on fruit a lot so my vitamin levels must be going through the roof lately!