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Hellraiser's feelgood thread


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Hi all just wanted to say that I like the Atkins forum and the people on it but that I am not officially on the Atkins Diet.
I have never even read the book fully, I understand the principles of not eating carbs, and I have used those in order to lose weight.
I would like to share with you all what has worked for me.
I think that the most important part of weight loss is feeling good, at the same time being realistic. For example, if you think eating 10 doughnuts makes you feel good then you might feel good for a while after eating them, but you won't lose weight, therefore the feel good factor is short-lived. I am talking about things like the fact, I enjoy taking milk in my tea, I am not prepared to stop doing that, all it would do is make me feel like I wanted it more, ending up in me thinking this diet is not for me and then stopping.
I have used several methods along the way that I feel might be of help to some of you, I am sharing them, not to look like a know it all, because honestly these are just my personal methods and it is quite possible they would do nothing at all for you.

I always have had a problem taking orders, it turns out that this extends even to orders that come from me. So If you feel like this, don’t be too strict on yourself, just do what you need to do to lose weight and feel happy, an example of this is that, I said from the start, if I want a bag of chips I’ll eat a bloody bag of chips, turns out I haven’t eaten a single bag in 4 months.
Another method is that I decided a while back that certain things were just off the menu, imagine one day you woke up to find out you were allergic to peanuts, if you loved peanuts you just wouldn’t be able to eat them anymore, I have just simply taken food with carbs off the menu and instead of thinking to myself I cannot eat those things, I concentrate on the things I can eat, I cannot even tell you how well this works, just try it, it works! The first time I did the Atkins there were so many days I said to myself, “I’d kill for a sandwich, I’d kill for some chips. This time however I thought to myself, “what can I have tonight, “steak?” oh I love steak more than bread anyway, can’t get any better than eating the food you love most and still losing weight.
Funnily enough at this moment I cannot think of anymore methods I’ve used but when I do I’ll post them, but the most important rule of all is, Just be honest with yourself, don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake and be happy :D
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Well said Hell. I agree that you have to be in the right frame of mind in the beginning to lose weight and keep it off. Losing is the easy part keeping it off is the hard part. I also think about the things that I can eat and etc and not the things that I cant, thats torture in itself. I have had a few bad days where I'll eat a some wheat cereal or something I know I shouldnt but I dont beat myself up about it and I just get back on track and keep on going... we are human

I'm so determined to lose weight this time and keep it off only myself and stop me and that's not about it happen:D


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Good post mate, well done.


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Hiya Hellraiser

I really like your post and some of the methods that you have used could be really useful to myself and others so thankyou for sharing them. I specialy like the not focusing on what you cant have but focus on what you CAN HAVE !!! method. I'm going to try this one myself, i have this terrible habbit of whatever diet i'm on and whatever foods are forbidden, those bad foods are the foods that constantly pop into my head. There is so many foods i love to eat that i can now have on atkins so next time i want a bun ( which was the food i slipped up on last week ) i will think of something else that's yummy that i can have on Atkins.

Thankyou again for the post and congrats on your loss so far, you have done a fab job.


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Oh wow Hellraiser, I can't thank you enough for your post! It is a revelation. I am so looking forward to your next postings.


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Hellraiser, you sum the atkins diet up in one little post! Wonderful. I think your method is why the Atkins works so well for me. I can forsake all the carby type food because I know I can have lamb chops (with all the fat) or a portion of plain pork ribs, for my dinner and not have to deal with the guilt or have to go through the malarkey of trimming the fat (the best bit if you ask me).

I haven't had any cravings whilst doing this diet, although that may be helped by taking L-glutamine on a daily basis and unless I neglect myself like I have today (dont get me started on today, but it involves a timing belt snapping whilst doing 70 on a motorway) then I very rarely feel hungry.

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Lovely post, Hellraiser. You are like our forum cheerleader, we should get you an outfit and some pom poms! ;)

I agree that you have to find a way of doing the diet that works for you, if you're going to stick to it in the long term. It's an individual journey and no two Atkins experiences are going to be identical.

(and I also have a sneaky shot of milk in my morning cuppa - I would feel too deprived without it!)


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All so true hellraiser - being positive this week instead of moaning has really helped me! :)

Oh and I have a few sneaky shots of milk - no booze, no fags - I gotta be able to have tea! :D


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I have always felt like a natural meat eater, so I love this WOE.

I love being able to eat guilt free: I love pork - draft, steaks, loin chops, shoulder...And I can keep the fat!! I love steak mmmmmmmmmmm Mayo, cheese, double cream, I can still have small amounts of my fave veg...so, I am a happy bunny!


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Thank you all for your nice replies. You made me feel so good inside.

I have been doing a little more thinking since my previous post, hope this helps someone :)

When I first started to diet, I wanted to lose the weight as fast as possible, in fact, if I could have lost the weight in one day I would have chosen to do so.
I can honestly say now that I am happy that nobody gave me that choice.
I would have missed out on so much, I remember feeling overjoyed when I hit my first big goal, to lose one stone in weight, I would not trade away that day for the World now, so why did I want to miss it at the start of my diet ? Because I had no idea then, how good that day felt. So if you are just starting out and are thinking the same thing as I did, then you might want to think again.
Since the first stone loss I have had so many great days. You can make your own goals, for example, I remembered weighing 16 stone 6 when I did the Atkins the first time round and getting to 15 stone 4 before I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, so both of those were targets for me, I felt great on both of the days that I hit these weights.
Had I been given the option of losing all the weight the next day I would have undoubtedly been eating chips and pizza the day after, and do you know what? I have learned now that I really don’t want to eat those things all the time, I love Steaks and Pork Chops, Salad with lashings of Mayo, lovely Vegetables that before this diet I had never eaten. Not only am I slimmer now, I am healthier, my cholesterol is down and I feel great.
Also I have just in the last couple of weeks started going to the gym, On day one the gym was the furthest thing from my mind, had I lost the weight in one day I would still think that.
So I guess what I am saying is, think about what it is you really want to achieve before you wish away the best journey of your life.


This is really the time!
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Very true and inspiring words!


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great words hell :)


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Thank you again Hellraiser, your posts give this 'cup half empty' person so much hope & inspiration. May I have your permission to send your posts on to a friend who is dithering as to whether or not to start Atkins?


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Great post.

Like you hellraiser i wanted to lose my weight fast which is why i gave The Cambridge Diet a try for a month, yes i lost the weight fast but OMG i paid for it mentally because not eating hurt real bad and i began to think that not eating proper food would not teach me about how to maintain or how my body reacts to certain foods eg carbs and so this diet is great for those reasons and i totally agree with everything you say.

I'm only on my second week and its so good to hear such inspiring words from someone who has almost completed their weight loss journey and will be moving onto maintenance and a much healthier life.


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Wow Hellraiser, what a fantastic read, I to am not strict with the atkins programme but when i think about the amount of crap i used to eat its scary, Thanks for the hot and spicy wings tips, they have been a god send.


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Just wanted to share some more thoughts with you all...don't know why but recently I've been wanted to get my thoughts written down and I have had such a good response you might not be able to shut me up soon :)

A simple saying can mean so much, and one I really like that has helped me is, “Variety is the spice of life”.

There are so many things that you can eat on this diet, one of my many faults in life before doing this diet was thinking to myself, “I know what I like and I won’t try anything new because it will waste a meal if I don’t like it.”

When I was putting on the weight for example it would be chips with everything, this obviously is so wrong but at the time it just seemed right. I think we all do it to a degree, we can be scared to try new foods, and for me this is going to change, because to live a balanced life I need to have the ability to change and try new things, this of course is not just limited to what you eat.

There are so many ideas written down in this forum of things you can eat, take a bit of time to read them all and pick out a few different meals, don’t eat the same thing every day just because you know you are going to like it, because we both know that in a few days you will be so bored with it that you will never want to see that meal again, just take a riskJ. If it is too disgusting to you to eat then go to Plan B, and make something else, even something you know you will like then try something completely new the next day.

Once you have a good variety of different meals you like then this diet is so much easier.

I am really conscious of the fact that I sound a bit like a teacher, telling his students how to do things, in fact a couple of months ago, I would have probably annoyed myself had I met meJ, so I need to stress that this thread is not for everyone, right now, but if at some point it helps you then read it with an open mind, and it might, at least you all know that I am not in it for the money... lol
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Anyone know how I can get this thread moved to the low carb forum ? I know it's fine here but I don't want to confuse people starting out on Atkins.

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