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HELP!!! 5 mths of no cheating, just had mother of all blowouts!


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Ive gone 5 mths without cheating but last 2 wks ive put on weight and so i thought blow it, today im having a cheat evening.So from 4pm I ve eaten: 2 crunchie icecream bars, 1 100g bag pork scratchings, 1 magnam bar, 2 homemade pizzas using tortilla wraps, tomato puree, cheese and veg (non of it weighed :eek::eek::eek:), 1 bottle of wine. I FEEL SICK :break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:. Please tell me some of you have binged like this, I feel soooo ashamed. It didnt even taste that good :cry:. WHY DID I DO IT??? I am so scared I wont be able to get back on plan tomorrow. I need to get back straight on plan this instant!!!

I said when I started this diet, nojunk food even as a treat because I knew I couldnt stop at one piece. I have just proved I still cant. I am a lot stronger now but not stronge enough to resist the call of the chocy bar so, NO MORE, CHOCY, CAKE, ICECREAM, ALCOHOL OR ANY OTHER JUNK UNTIL I AM AT TARGET!

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated, I really need you guys and gals!!!
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I want to be fitter again
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My guess is that before you started slimming world you may have had weeks of eating like this. You have had ONE DAY x Well done you for going this far and having lost shed loads of weight already. Tomorrow is a brand new day. You can't undo whats happened, put it on the back boiler and start a fresh day with a fresh mind. I think you have beaten yourself up enough. For tonight before you go to bed visualise yourself standing on those scales and seeing how much weight you have lost so far because you will loose again if you really want to. Have lots of fluids before you sleep and start the day with a long wee and a smiley face Big hugs to you xx


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Thanks, I have some water next to me and your right i use to eat like this all the time before i started SW. it feels good to admit it all, it means i cant hide behind anything. Troiuble is I have done this in secret. My hubby, brother and little boy were in the loft on the PS3 I was down stairs watching tv. I knew I could get away with it. It was like my old habits resurfacing again and i didnt like it one bit but i couldnt stop it. I used to eat in secret alot because i felt ashamed because i knew i shouldnt be eating it. I dont ever want to go back to the way i was. Cheat days and me do not mix at all and i have to accept that. flexi syns are abig no no too, im just not ready yet. I wont be ready until i am at goal.


I want to be fitter again
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Only you knows what will work for you. I think you are very brave posting this on here. It does mean that there has been a shift in your eating as this time it has not been in secret. (We all know ) I know it's not quite the same as your family knowing but what a great start. Please I beg you don't beat yourself up any more. You are too special for that xxxxxxxx


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Jodidi - If it helps, I've been there and done it many times, (and I know exactly where you're coming from on the secret eating) It's out of your system now, don't beat yourself up, it's done you good and I'm sure you'll be fine gettng yourself back on track tomorrow hun :)
wipe the slate clean, forgot about today and start afresh tomorrow. We all have bad days eventually. The key is to not continue and recognise that you did it and you have as you have come on here and posted about it. So it's a new day tomorrow. If you havent got a meal plan write it out for the next few days at least, so you know exactly what you are having.


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When you feel tempted to binge, think of how good you felt when you saw the scales and found that you had reached one of your mini goals. And then think about how you feel when you gained.

Hopefully the good feeling will far outweigh the bad one and will stop you from getting tempted.

And yes, we have all done it!! Your only human remember. Draw a line under it and get straight back on plan, remembering those good feelings if you feel like cheating.

Good luck hun, you have done so well so far, you can do it!!!!!
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Firstly, hugs being sent to you. Secondly, this is the first blip you have had in 5 months, WOW! that is FANTASTIC, well done to you. Now you must put this blip behind you, don't dwell on it cos it will only drag you down and do more damage. Wake up tomorrow facing the day as if it were day 1 of your plans.

Maybe you could incorporate a little treat for yourself a few time week into your eating plan, so that you don't feel that you having to go without the things you love. You will at some point want to have some chocolate, iceceam etc (and so you should, they are delicious) but is the same thing going to happen if you deprive yourself of them?. The whole point of the SW way of eating is that you don't have to go without anything that you love. Use you syns to satisfy your needs and it could well be a way for you to learn to control your blow outs rather than them controlling you.

Think of the positives that you have achieved so far and be proud of them but don't let a little incident like this take over and put you back. You have done so well, keep up the good work. xx


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thanks everyone. well it is the morning now and i dont feel rough like i thought i would (must be the early night and water). it still feels a bit rocky on the old diet path as we are going to nottingham in a bit and in the past we would of gone to big wok (chinese buffet place). At the moment im in bed thinking about that! It really helps to tell you everything im thinking and feeling,thanks everyone for helping me :). just looked in the mirror, i may not feel rough but boy do i look it, lol!

Charlottegrace1 i dont think think a treat a few time a week would be wise for me. I cant just have a piece :D.


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Oh Huney! But once in 5 months is practically saintly! (I wish I could say the same!) No really, you've proved that you don't like eating like that any more, so that's a lesson you've learned. Loking at it realistically, the worst that can happen (if you get straight back on plan) is that you will have delayed getting to target by a week or so. What's that out of the rest of your life? But it could also trick your metabolism back to revving up again, you never know.
Now get your book out again,and plan some treats for yourself. Instead of the magnums (were they in your freezer or did you buy them?) do you like forest fruits, raspberries, the frozen fruits are lovely defrosted with a bit of canderel and LFfromage frais, OH had icecream on his! But i just love them with FF. You can get half bottles of wine to try in Asda. Do they still do gin and L cal tonic in a bottle? As Charlottegrace says, at some point you will want to have these things in your life and you will have to be able to eat them without losing control. If you buy things in strictly limited quantities then you could practise this.
Now good luck Hun, draw a line and let us know how you go on :hug99:


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Jodie, congratulations for telling us that you 'binged' out yesterday that took some courage and proves that you are ready to get back to plan right away again, well done to you for that.

So just write off yesterday now - pretend it was just a bad dream, and get back on plan today, eat plenty of SF foods, and drink lots of water and maybe a little more exercise and hopefully by your WI you will have STS or lost a little weight.

Good luck to you this week with your WI, and please don't feel bad, you are only human and we all have to 'let go' and and have a blowout at some time. X


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One binge in 5 months is fantasic going and I really dont think you should beat yourself up for it.
I do think you need to try introducing some of the foods you crave like chocolate and wine in small quantities. I know you said you can't until you are at target but when you are at target it wont all magically quick it will still be a constant battle. I am the same I can't just have one chocolate I need the whole bar so i get small bars and I freeze them so they last longer. I think if you completely deny yourself it will lead to binges.


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Echoing all the "one binge in five months is great" remarks. You've done wonderful. I do agree with Charlotte that you should try and incorporate some treats in your regular eating plan, though. Remember, we're taking control of food, not letting it control us. You've shown you have the willpower - five months of willpower! - so I know you can have the odd treat without letting it get into a binge.

You've done so well over the last few months. Don't beat yourself up over this
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I had a blow out on Monday and for the first time ever I wrote it all in my food diary.

I decided it was best just to say OK that was one day and then just move on.

You have done the same by admitting it. Go girl! Just start tomorrow as a brand new day.



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Ok, yesterdays binge has leaked into today. I knew this would happen so ive decided to right off yesterday and today. Tommorrow is a fresh week. I'll just have to accept the scales this week. After some thought I think you are all right about incorporating some treats into my diet. Like you said bellybee, I want to incorporate these into my diet when I am at goal but I wont magically be in control and everthing be hunky dory. So yes I think I need to stop being so hard and strict with myself and start as I mean to go on as this is a lifestyle change not a diet.

BTW you lot are fab!!!:D
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I want to be fitter again
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Hi again
i think the problem starts in childhood when chocolate etc are given as "treats". If these foods had no emotional weight to them we would probably take them or leave them. Perhaps you could try not thinking of themas treats but soemthing you have at an end of a meal one day a week. If you eat sweet things within half an hour of eating a good size meal you are likely to eat less. Give yourself a time limit to start with might work as well. You might set a goal which states that you can eat chocolate but only say between 8pm and 8.15. just thoughts based on behaviour modification. One other way with problems is to focus on when it doesn't happen. Put some more of those times into your life.
Jodi look in the mirror and smile then really believe that the person looking back on you loves you deeply. xxxxxxxxxx


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You know what, posting on this form is so theraputic. I am going to incorporate more treats into my diet. Im going to keep some funsize chocy bars in the freezer then if I fancy one and I have the syns im going to have one and then work on not feeling guilty. Because on so many diets you are made to feel guity for having something like chocolate and it is ingrained into you. As I said before Im am just having what I like today and yesterday I am getting it out of my system then tomorrow I am back on track and I am going to face the scales but I am goingto be more realisic with my eating!


its a long road
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Every day on the SW plan is like a bunch of flowers if one dies you still have a beautiful bunch of flowers to make the most of lol

It what my group leader told us i thought it was a brilliant way of seeing things


Wishing and hoping!
i have had binges before to help through emotional times - its one day, forget about except it. Look at the event as something you can learn, anaylsis what got you to the point of the thought of needed the binge and and develop some coping menchasims, CBT is brillent for thoughts. for example its starts off with one thought and by learning to cut off that trail of thoughts you can stop damage to yourself. remember the poisitive you have highlighted the problem, seeked help and guidance because deep down you want to continue and work at it. we have bad and good days all part of the journey, tomorrow is a fresh new day :)


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Good morning everyone. Well I am ready to re-start my journey. Late last night I put on a slow cooker full of veg soup for today. I am going to get plenty of water down me too. I am going to remember what it was like when I first started this plan and how excited I was.

Im down 2 dress sizes and if im not carefull I could so easierly go up one if I dont nip this in the bud now. Over the past few days I have learnt:

  1. The food never tastes as good as you expect (especially when your shovelling it down).
  2. It is ONLY food.
  3. I need to incorporate things into the plan that i'm going to eat at goal NOW because being at goal is not a miracle worker. To maintain you have to be learning how to do it through your journey. This is a way of life not a diet.
  4. I dont like it when i'm out of control with food. I dont want to keep binging.
  5. I am strong enough to put this slip up behind me and reach my goal and maintain it
  6. I am only human.
I am going to repeat this things through out the day to help me stay on track!

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