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Help.. A damsel in distress


Is in the Zone
Hi Sophie

We have a few people on the site that work nights, so I'm sure one of them will pop along and answer more fully than I will.

For what it's worth, I work for a company that requires 24x7 personnel, and we have done studies on eating and nights. And the advice that has come back is that people should avoid stodgy food at night, and try to have lighter snacks instead.

Even though you maybe awake and fancy a full meal, the studies show that your body still know's it's night time and doesn't expect food, your metabolism slows down, even if you are on constant nights, the body still isn't fooled into thinking it's day time, and therefore isn't expecting food!

Hope that helps ... but as I said, I'm sure someone with real life experience will be along soon!

G: 9st7lb
Hi Sophie, can't offer any advice from experience but Twiggy's sounds totally logical.

Maybe little and often through the night with light, high protein stuff. x

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