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help and advice!!


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i have been 100% for almost 4 weeks of my 5 week stint, planning refeed for xmas/new year then back on for a further 5 weeks in jan.

my refeed is the 14th onwards but me and my boyfriend have been planning a day in London for ages on the 10th, and now being so dedicated part of me doesent want to go!!! I will have to eat:( what would you do??
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Yes we can

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I dont really know what I would do tbh it depends on what your goal is and how determined you are! if you have plenty of time to lose and your not in any hurry then go on refeed early and enjoy your day in London but you have to be determined enough to maintain during xmas and new years before you get back on it in January.

You see I have a deadline be meet in Feb as I am going to Oz so I have to stay on this as long as I can! I might even be cutting it fine coming off for xmas but I am hoping I can manage it!

You need to choose is one day in London worth coming off this early and missing out on losing that extra bit of weight??? You could stay 100% in London if your OH is supportive! Ive sat with my OH in places were he is eating and I watched all the people around and just thought to myself they are all making themselves fat it kept me focused!

Good luck with what ever you decide. x


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If you need to eat something, at least make sure that you have high protein like chicken fillet/breast or steamed fish and some steamed veggies. This will keep you in ketosis.


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well i decided, i'm too dedicated for London!

last time i did this diet i was a sneaky cheat but this time i have had complete abstinence from food so much so that i think I'm gutting SCARED to eat. there are 365 days in a year to go to London so not worth breaking my enthusiasm 3 days before my long scheduled refeed:D

If there was anyway i could have my shakes in London I would but it'll be a 6am-midnight day so a killer!!!!!!

Went to bath today instead and it was beautiful!! But very very cold and I don't mean winter cold I mean lipotrim cold lol so many cafes and coffee shops it was hard but I smiled through it, as in January I will be enjoying all that in moderation :) :)


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I haven't tried the flapjacks but is it maybe worth trying them for London since they're "portable"

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