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help, cheated?

Maybe have an up day tomorrow but just go a bit lighter on it. How many cals have you had today? Just take the extra off tomorrow and you should be fine :) It's not as if you've eaten loads today, just a healthy dinner. Just worried that if you have another dd tomorrow, you'll feel ill as you haven't had that much today.
Yes but is that not defeating the purpose of the uddd thing? I've not had many cals today but a lot more than 500 - maybe 1000.
How are you doing on your dd Stirky?
I'm doing great toady thanks. Well if you've had around 1000 then you could probably eat some more today and then do a dd tomorrow, but I wouldn't do a dd tomorrow unless you eat a bit more today else you'll be feeling terrible x
Lol, no that should have said today lol, I'm having one of those days hehehe! :p
Lol.. :) that's funny!!

Just had a look in the book Broxi and it mentions situations like yours as some days life happens!

It suggests if you can't do a dd as normal you could have an in between day, so you would not have 500 calories or your ud allowance, but somewhere in the middle.

So Stirky's suggestion was bang on ! ! ;)
I knew what you meant froggy, oh sorry Stirky lol! xxx
Sorry Sarah lou, I don't really understand that - I'm a bit thick sometimes. Could you explain again please x
Haha Toady :D

If you've had 1000 cals today, have 1000 again tomorrow and then carry on as you normally would with up days and down days :)
Right got it! I think. so
tomorrow - 1000 cals
what about Tuesday?
Sorry for being so slow!!!
Tuesday back to normal so will be a dd, I think that's right. Sarah could confirm as she's got the book, I haven't yet lol!
Stirky you are so knowledgeable without the book! how do you know this stuff?

Anyway, worked it out 1100 cals all in today. So do the same tomorrow and then on Tuesday I have a dd.
Sounds ok.
Sorry girls.. I do go around the houses abit.. my English teacher used to say you could of written all of that on two pages.. never been short and sweet.. well maybe a bit sweet.. ha ha :)

so back to business.. Broxi, Stirky has explained that correctly.. that's the easiet way of doing it..

I had two updays last week after I had a funny turn
sorry love to confuse you !! xx :)
Ha lol Sarah, you're as bad as me, I tend to babble on too much too, hence why my posts tend to be long lol!

No don't think it'll effect you doing that Broxi, it's good this plan is quite flexible like that if need be :) And haha Broxi, I've just been reading to much about this plan and taking in what others have said, can't wait for my book to arrive tho!!!

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