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Help- feeling sick


Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone. Im in week six and hav never felt sick on lipotrim before but today i feel awful, like im going to vomit. My fiance was sniffely yesterday so i dont know if iv caught something or whats up.

I had a shake this morning and at least 2 or 3 pints of water (wasnt keeping track) but really dont think im going to be able to drink anything else today as every time i take a sip i feel like im going to vomit. So dont think ill b able to have any more.

Do yous think i should hav a wee bit of chicken breast/ tinned fish/ veg/ cheese or something??? Or should i just leave it and hope im better tomoro and that what iv had so far today will do untill then?

Im also a bit scared that if i eat now ill want to go back to eating as im unhappy on lipotrim lately. I havent cheated at all in the five weeks.

Please please please help me. All advice appreciated!!!!! Thank you
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Personally I'd take a glass of water and go to bed.........
i dont wanna dvocate you to eat cuz that should be the absolute last resort.... but if you do, dont have cheese or fatty stuff, have chicken, fish, no fat no carb... will do the least damage...

but id agree, have a hot glass of water or tea, maybe something different than usual... try and do something to take your mind off things and have an early night... you may feel completely different tomorrow...

good luck, hope you feel better soon....
HI sweetie, I feel sick sometimes but i havent actually been sick so Id go to bet huni and see how you feel tomorrow xx


Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone. I ate.

I just had to. Was feeling so crappy. I ate a slice of ham and a slice of cheese. (before seeing nicks post!) do u think ill have done much damage to keytosis/ weight loss??

Im thinking of starting maintence tomorrow cos i just cant stick this any more. I know that im a long way off being at goal but i miss food so much and im just so misrable and grumpy and tired. I just dont think i can do it any more. So i think maybe two shakes a day and a healthy meal will suit me better and ill still loose weight.

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