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Help - Fleas!!!!

Help, I think I've got fleas!!!

My brother has 2 cats and he's recently treated them for fleas.

Since my Mum and Dad moved out of my house and taken the dogs with them my brother's cats have been in here a few times and I think they brought the fleas with them before he treated them.

I am being bitten to death and my ankles are a complete mess with bite marks that I keep scratching. They're driving me mad!!!

I've never had to deal with fleas before and I don't know what to do!!

I've heard that you can buy flea bombs (or something like that) but I'm not sure how/if they work.

Any advice gratefully appreciated!!!
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Just found this

  • If you treat the pets correctly, you needn't spray the house
That's right. It's because all fleas will jump on your cat or dog as part of their life cycle. So if you have treated the cat or dog, they'll die out when they come into contact with the animal. This process won't be hastened by treating the carpets.
  • To hasten flea removal from the home
You can hasten removal of fleas by raising the temperature and humidity in the house to encourage fleas to hatch faster, whereupon they'll leap onto the pet, be exposed to the insecticide, and die out.

on this site...Flea treatment tips - www.fleafree.co.uk

So sounds like you need to turn the heating up - get the cats back with their flea treatment on them and see if that helps!

Hope you get it sorted soon
Hiya - it does sound as if you need to flea bomb your house:sigh:

Flea bombs are canisters that you can buy (I get mine from tescos) - you put them in a central place off the ground on a newspaper, press the top and let it do its work - you do have to vacate for 2 hours....I tend to use them when I'm off visiting people then when we come home it has all settled down.

we have a dog and have never had any problems since using them. We tend to use them routinely as a precaution more than anything.

Good luck and I hope your bites don't give you too much hassle.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Urgh I remember when my cats had fleas, they get into your socks and bite all around the elastic line because its warm *shudders*. We used the Johnson Flea Spray for Soft Furnishings on the carpets/sofas/curtains etc, and we put flea drops on the cats. Thankfully ours went straight away but just those 24 hours were a nightmare! Hope they go soon x
Thanks guys for the replies.

I took a trip into town this afternoon and popped into the pet shop.

The owner recommended a spray for carpets and furnishings that kills fleas and larvae as well as mites etc too.

You can't go near the treated areas until they've dried so I'll spray first thing before leaving for work so it should be safe by the time I get home.

I hope this works because I'm looking very sexy with red lumps all over my legs (and they seem to be spreading all over now!!!).


Wannabe Lean!!!
Are they all dead? Vacuuming up all the little black carcasses is fun. Errrr, not. Hope you're not being munched on anymore! x
Are they all dead? Vacuuming up all the little black carcasses is fun. Errrr, not. Hope you're not being munched on anymore! x
I blumming hope so! I came home last night and had a mad hoovering session in my lounge - carpets, sofa, tables, everything!!! I didn't notice any carcasses though, which was quite worrying. I hope they're not in the bedroom because I ran out of the spray before I got there and can't get to the pet shop until the weekend.

I can't tell if the biting has stopped because I've got too many that I don't know if they were existing ones or are new ones. Hopefully they'll calm down over the next couple of days and I'll know for sure. If I've not sorted it, then flea bombs it is!!!


Wannabe Lean!!!
I hope all the little ******* are dead mate. I gave my cats some more drops yesterday I got all itchy and paranoid after reading this thread again LOL if you have any citrus scented body lotion they don't like lemony things so if there are any left they won't nibble you if you have some on. x

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