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help for beginner

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pudgy karen, 13 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. pudgy karen

    pudgy karen New Member

    Hi all,
    ive decided to start slimming world at home (no group near me and cant afford the online prices)
    today is my day one and im just basing it on some info i got online as my book from ebay has not arrived yet, Im wondering and hoping if any of you lovely people would be willing to talk me through the "extra easy" plan as my files only contain the green and red info. im hoping ive been good today but as i dont understand it properly i probably got it all wrong and went WAY over! here goes:


    slimming world mushroom soup

    slimming world fried rice with peas and a small side of pork with a small bun (he)

    banana, apple, muller light

    curly wurly and velvet crunch - 10 syns
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  3. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Oops - duplicate post. Daft machine....

    (I deleted the one with the spelling mistake....OCD much?) :crazy:
  4. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

  5. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Hi Karen - welcome to SW! The main thing to say about your food day is that there is nowhere near enough food there. There are heaps of free foods to choose from for you to eat until you are satisfied. How about some eggs for breakfast and maybe a Frylight fry up, along with the eggs, fried mushroom, fried tomatoes and free or very low syn sausages, maybe Quorn if you like it? Or if that would be too much for you some more fruit - strawberries, grapes etc and some free fat free yoghurt? For lunch just the soup is not enough I would say, for the same reasons. For your evening meal don't forget to have a third superfree on your plate - non starchy veg etc.

    The danger is if you eat so little you'll end up feeling deprived which often (defo in my case!) leads to a binge. Keep on posting if you get stuck, you're definitely going in the right direction you just need to eat a bit more.
  6. pudgy karen

    pudgy karen New Member

    thanks for that, I am in all honesty starving right now, i cant seem to locate the frylight in my town so im trying to do things without it, maybe i could grill some rashers 2mw with beans and poached egg, or i could save that for lunch and have weetabix instead :D see im thinking the rashers are a red day and for sinner 2mw i have a chicken or veg curry with rice/cous cous. isnt that mixing red and green days?
  7. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Sorry hun, I'm not 100% sure what you mean there. On EE if something is free on red or green it's free on EE. But you just get one of each healthy extra instead of two. Grilling some bacon would be a great alternative to the frylight. If you decide to have weetabix for brekkie, don't forget your third superfree - a piece of fruit would go well with that.

    Edited to add: Oh I just noticed that in your day's food you didn't have your healthy extra a choice - and for the bun to count as your he b choice it needs to be wholemeal.

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