I've been on a diet for a decade with weight ranging from 11 stone to 15 and a half (im 5ft 11).
This time last year I got married and was at the bottom end weight wise after more or less starving myself with stress. Since our wedding day I've gained 4 and a half stone in under a year.

I restarted at slimming world (for the 79th time) on January 2nd and lost exactly a stone and a half over 5 months.

I found this just isn't quick enough for me and switched to the Dukan diet for a little while, flirted with a juice fast and ended up ordering 2 weeks of products for exante on Sunday.

I've done almost every diet known to man except for a VLCD meal replacement. I'm hoping to keep up with 3x runs weekly (training for 10K)!and 3ish times a week yoga.
My request is for any tips to stay on track in a busy office where we all discuss (read; judge) each other's lunches?
Is exercise do-able?
Best and yummiest exante products?
Has anyone maintained weight loss for 6 months and upwards?

Any and all help truly appreciated 😇😀