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Extra Easy help ... have stopped losing:((

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by nixterjoe, 4 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. nixterjoe

    nixterjoe Member

    this is my typical days food can some advise lost 1.5 stone but now stopped

    breakfast: mullerlight & chopped banana

    lunch: HEB ham and HEA half fat cheese sandwich no butter & walkers baked

    dinner: huge salad chicken breast and salad cream (1tbls) boiled baby new pots

    melon and berries throughout the day & 3 pints of water

    I was doing so well but either need more or less .....????
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  3. ermintrude

    ermintrude Gold Member

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    Where is your superfree fruit & veg? Where are your syns? Doesnt look like you're eating anywhere near enough for me. Bulk it out with plenty of superfree food.
  4. nixterjoe

    nixterjoe Member

    thanks ... but I thought I was eating superfree but not sure how I can fit anymore in :)))) any suggestions to what I can add too
  5. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    Which plan are you following...

    I would recommend upping your superfree and having a bit more variety... what about changing your lunch?
    To be honest, that wouldn't keep me full for even 1/3 of a day, but I am a gannet!
  6. MsMia

    MsMia Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Ok, 4 pints or two litres of water is the minumum your body needs, so try upping that.

    Breakfast is fine, but I would put some apple or orange with it to bulk it out and fill you up more.

    Lunch I am confused by, the HEA and HEB I take it are the breads and cheese? If this is right check that you are using the right bread. Two slices from a 400g loaf are a HEB choice, but you can only have one slice from a 800g loaf. I assume here that you are synning the walkers baked. These are 5 syns for a 25g bag, or 7 1/2 for a 32.5g bag.

    Tea sounds great, but make sure that your salad is a third (Sure you know that :) ) As lettuce takes up a lot of room but isn't as big as it looks, I chop up onion, tomato and pepper, or some grated carrot to bulk it out. It's all about filling up on superfree wherever you can. As for the salad cream, thats fine, just make absolutely sure you are synning it right, LIGHT salad cream is around 1 syn per LEVEL tbl, if it's a bit heaped, then it's more, and if it's not low calorie, then it's even more, up to 3 syns per level tbl.

    You sound like you are making all the right choices, my advice is to up your superfree and your water. Also measure things, a bunch of women in my group started losing again just because they were paying a bit closer attention to what they were eating. And if you do all those things and it doesn't help, don't panic. Sometimes your body takes a while to came around to what you're eating. You might have reached that plateau all dieters come across eventually, the thing is not to give up, but KNOW that it's going to end and the scales will show it sooner rather than later.

    Good Luck

  7. nixterjoe

    nixterjoe Member

    that's great thanks guys will def try more water and extra superfree xx
  8. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    SW all the way
    Aside from anything else, you just need to eat more in general. I eat more at breakfast than you do in brekkie & lunch combined. A yoghurt & a banana is a snack in my opinion, not a meal!!
  9. nixterjoe

    nixterjoe Member

    haha I love being told I need to eat more x
  10. Honeyoc

    Honeyoc Is a crunchy mama!

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    Are you hungry at all on your day's meals? If not, great! If you are hungry but trying to resist to improve weight loss then you should probably eat more. Looking through your meals, I'd say you need more superfree, more substantial meals and more protein.

    Have your fruit and yogurt for breakfast but try adding some strawberries and an omelette or boiled egg if you don't have time for an omelette.

    Sandwiches never fill me up unless I use a pitta bread or two thick slices of bread as 2 HEBs and have about 2 inches of filling! If I make a sandwich at home I usually have two open sandwiches, that way I get more of the protein filling and lots of salad.

    Dinner sounds great!
  11. frankied

    frankied Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    What sort of exercise do you do?
    Are you close to target or a long way off? As if you don't have much to loose weight loss can really slow down.
  12. nixterjoe

    nixterjoe Member

    god I have loads to loose ... I've never had a big appetite in fact my hubby reckons anorexics eat more than me which I now realise is the reason I got so big cos I'm just a storage unit :)))) eating the wrong stuff and not so much of the good stuff but it's amazing how the little things add up so eating on slimming world is quite a challenge but am trying hard but I'm never hungry ... I exercise for 30-45 mins a day but low impact - walking and weights etc
    Last edited: 4 July 2011
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