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Help headache!


is looking forward


supposed to be working!
you poor thing! take some advil/paracetemol.
lots and lots and lots of water.
if you have someone close by, get them to gently rub your head for you.


is looking forward
Ive just taken some paracetomol I hope this helps. Im so confused with the water thing about how much we should drink im doing ss and the lack of food today has really affected my concentration at work so i think this is where the headache comes from. Im looking forward to getting to the part where it starts to feel good lol
How are you getting along my dear ?
Hi Daiseydoo! I had a really terrible headache for the first 2 days and had to go to bed with it cos I couldnt even see straight. It disappeared on day 3 though so hang on in there.
I drink about 3-4 litres of water a day but the official CD recommendation is about 4 pts a day I think but drink more relative to what you'd usually drink. Hope that helps and your head soon feels back to normal. When you get that first week weight loss under your belt, any amount of pain will have been worth it!!!!

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