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Help Help Help -they wont let me rejoin Lipotrim!!!

Help help help

I was on LT for May and June this year. As I explained in another thread I fell off the wagon for a few weeks. I made up my mind and got myself in the right place to start again.

I have just come back from the chemists and they wont let me rejoin. They say there is a rule that if you break it you cant rejoin for 6 months!!!!!

Does anyone know anything about this? I started crying in desperation in the chemist and no way under the sun would they let me rejoin. I had lost 2 stone back in May/June and gained 1 stone of that back.

Help i am really desperate here!!!!!
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Hey ya, yeah I just had a long discussion with my pharmacist about that as I'm refeeding today. After hearing her stern reaction I suggest that you either call Lipotrim and ask them if you can restart or try one of the other ketosis diets like Atkins until you are allowed to. But be careful as this is not a diet you can mess around with
Thanks for your replies. I think I might just sign up using a different name in a different chemist. I honestly dont intend to mess around with this diet. I just lost my focus and am ready to give this my all. I was so disappointed when she wouldnt let me rejoin. As you all know this is a diet you really have to be in the frame of mind to do.

Anyway I have calmed down now and all I can do is try another chemist. I figure they have a database that is shared to I will have to give a false name. It will prob take me forever to decide on my new name!!!!!



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Oh sorry hon I didn't mean that you were messing around, I just meant it's dangerous to not stick to the rules - I hadn't known quite how serious until the lecture I got this morning when I mentioned I thought that re-feeding was using maintenance products.
PS my new pharmacy didn't seem to know anything from my old pharmacy but then I had a new address too so...
No worries Siobhi.

I went to a pharmacy in my home town - which I had being trying to avoid - anyway they dont even have a computer so just written records being kept there. She accepted me no problem. So I am off and running.

Sorry I just paniced when the first one told me no way could I do it for 6 months. It was a shock as I was ready for this.

anyway I have officially gained 10 lbs since I went off it. Its bad but not as bad as I had thought. So I have just had my first strawberry shake and am rapidly working my way through a litre of water.

Best of luck with your re feeding. There is no doubt this a very strict serious diet and you are right not one to mess with. But look at your results - wow. Good for you. I hope I will be changing my username sooner rather than later!!!!




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Thanks doll, yeah I'm very pleased I'm back into competitive sport and I'm fully in control of my habits - that was the goal and that's what I got :)
Well done on getting back on track that's super, look forward to seeing your losses! xx


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I'm glad I read this. I was intending to have a week off but if I do I guess I won't even be able to start again somewhere else as I no longer have 3 stone to lose.

Argh guess no week of for me

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