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I keep gagging i am drinking water with it to wash it down but it has taken me half an hr to have 2oz's

edited to say i just took two more sips and no gagging but still......
Do you not like the taste of the packs? Is it one particular pack or is it all of them?.. Have tried drinking the ready made shakes? Do they do the same?!.. sorry so many questions but I'm just trying to figure out exactly what is wrong before I give any suggestions :) ((hugs))
Okay.. did you not like the pack and did you make sure you mixed it properly?.. Maybe you just need to get used to it.. see how it goes for the rest of the day, if you find that you're gagging on all of them, try have the tetra's (ready made shakes), those ones might go down a lot better :)
mix it with a braun multi blender (not that that matters lol) but yeah think i did

the smell of the butterscotch was lovely but its once u taste the stuff in it so to speak
I know what you mean, and all the flavours I thought I would like, I don't and the same with one I thought I would hate, I love!

What did you get this week? Pack and carton wise?

For Example

With the Choc Carton, I put it in a large mug, and add about the same amount of liquid in hot water and its like a lovely hot chocolate!

the banana carton, plenty of ice, (i use about a pint of water, others use less) a spoonful of coffee granuels and mix up for ages, makes a lovely cold coffee drink - can do this with the banana too!

As with the other packs, I always have to add more water and mix for longer than suggested.

It does become a bit of an acquired taste, especially in the first few days, dont forget you have gone from having whatever you want taste wise. I won't say its easy, as I really struggled with will power, but as far as being hungry after the 3rd ish day I was fine, I have the odd tummy grumble every now and then, and usually means I haven't drunk enough water.

try unflavoured sparkling water? I dont like the value ones like in Tesco, but a good brand that really helps.

Try having a small glass regularly, or sip from a bottle constantly, just make a note how much you have, its so easy not to have enough! I was going to the loo every 45 minutes in the first week, now its not so bad, but I still get up about 4am busting at the seams lol.

It WILL get better, I have done this for just over two weeks now and lost 16 pounds, its soooo worth going thru it.

Take each day at a time, dont think about the long run, and before you know it you will be on the bars and water flavourings which help a lot.

Before you know it you will be a few stone lighter and reapring the compliments!

Also keep coming on here when you feel the urge to eat. Iw as so suprised how much I ate for the hell of it. Actually 19 stone is proof I ate for the hell of it!!

Good luck and Im around most of the day if you wanna chat!
hi angela thanks very much for your sound advice!

while i was reading it adding more water would probably help then the taste isnt in one big lump (so to speak) and it will make it weaker??

the water flavourings i didnt realise there were different to what i had got lol it was my fault really as i went to my cdc and told her i had spent the full week researching the diet (which is true) but didnt realise the water flavourings were different to what i had as she hadnt given me the option to buy any and didnt think they were an extra i thought u could have them in step 1!

i have got 14 powders

choc mint
fruits of the forest

as not keen on coffee, choc (altho might try) and walnuts

all the soups (7 in total) apart from chili and 7 banana cartons

i have also ordered the book for next week

i am on ss for as long as i can but will be having meals at xmas as cant miss it this yr or should say dont want to as we've got everyone coming to us

are the soups the same? i am really looking forward to mine but am now worried
Welcome to CD! and the minimins!
Re packs....I know what you mean! I gagged with my first few as I didn't mix them right! I'm now using a blender rather than a hand held and adding ice which to me makes all the difference.
My fav favour is chocolate with a spoonful of coffee shame you don't like coffee though :(. Soups aren't my favs but I do have the odd veg one which is nice and yummy made up into crisps! As Ajax said the choc tetra makes a yummy hot choc. Choc mint is also yummy hot! worth investing in a frothy maker £39.99 in Argos...but only £19.99 in Harveys & Currys at the moment. Makes the most perfect soup & hot chocs. Next week mmm I think or is it week 2? you can use mix a mousse! which you add to your packs to make a yummy mousse. Or you can use it to make jelly! which is an extra to your 3-4 packs!
Wishing you all the best with your first week.
Keep glugging that water.
Kamilla xx
Hi there,

Firstly good luck with it, I am doing LL but it is based on Cambridge packs. I found it quite difficult at first as I honestly believe that all the shakes soup just taste like different flavours of powder, but, your taste buds soon settle down.

You must drink them all within 15 minutes of making them up though as the nutrients start to break down.

It takes a while to get the consistency right too. I actually rarely have the milkshakes as milk. I use vanilla in my morning coffee and the others I add much less water too and make them into a thickish paste and eat them like a mousse (although the taste more like cake mix than mousse).

I have one soup as a soup a day and make the other pack into crisps (there is a recipie thread on here somewhere), for me this introduces different textures and ways of eating.

As overweight people we are used to eating lots of fabulous flavours, tastes and textures and it is a bit of a shock to the system to suddenly be left with nothing more than powder!

Wishing you the very best of luck.
Louisa here the jelly recipe if you like jelly!

1/2 litre of water
I teaspoon of water favouring
A few drops of food colouring
1 and 1/2 scoops of mix a mousse

Blend and place in bowl in fridge for 2-3 hours...ENJOY!
Morning louisa,

It will get easier I promise - excellent advice here from everyone :)

Must admit the packs are a bit of an acquired taste to begin with, but after a while you'll think they're yummy honest. I wasn't even sure about the bars to begin think I'd murder anyone who tried to get hold of mine
and hey, I'm really not joking :D

Just keep thinking about how SLIM you'll be by Christmas YOU CAN DO THIS :D :D :D
Oooops, just tried my first butterscotch shake and..............yuk, yuk, yuk :( so will have to agree with you louisa !!!!! Probably would be nice with the mix a mousse, but as a shake............oooh won't be having that one again :eek:

Just goes to show that even after all this time it's still personal taste and trial and error :)
Isnt it funny how everyone likes a different flavour! I love butterscotch!!!

One tip for me is I make up my my packs with 400ml of water, it tastes less powdery that way for me!!!

I love all the soups except tomato, and cant wait to try oriental thai.

Any way! the reason I was posting was:D :D :D

I remember my first day on CD and i thought the packs where awful, I cried after my first one, and felt so cr*p!!!!

Then I made a chocolate mint with hot water and I loved it.
Once you find a pack you love, the others seem so much better and you do get used to the taste too, i look forward to mine now.

Youll be fine hun, trust us, one thing I find is that when I first started I thought I was so alone in how I felt about the packs and in myself, and guess what, everyone feels the same way. Took me a while to get used to that, post soon, let me know how it goes with your second pack hun x
I think you get used to the packs after a while.. and once you've had a chance to have them all you can really decide which ones you like and which ones you don't like!

Butterscotch is definitely my favourite.. (as a mousse).. I can't stand having the choc pack as a shake but as a mousse it is yummy!!!.. I used to love the toffee & walnut pack but I'm starting to go off it now:(
hi! yeah its ok now thanks

i drank it this morning with 16oz of water and only had half a pack of mix and it was fine :)

however i have failed today as i ATE some food :( i had some chicken lettue and cucumber now hate myself for it and dont want to touch any food ever again
I'm glad you're getting on with the packs okay now.. regarding your chicken and lettuce episode, I've posted on your other thread.. keep your head up! ;)