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help??? i may have to eat tomorrow?

Hey everyone!!!Whats the least damaging thing i could eat if i have to???is there anything that wont knock m out of ketosis???I have to attend a family meal tomorrow for my grandmparents wedding anniversary, and i know they will be offended if i dont eat with them (italian family)i am going to try not to eat, but i know that there is a massive chance i may have to.heeeeeeellllllllllppppppppppppppppp!!!!XX
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Hun if you really do want to do this Diet you won't worry about what people think if you eating or not, Just say you tummy's not to good, but really they should understand..
If you do find you need to satisfy everyone else. you can have small amounts of Meat/any Protiens.. But Carbs and starches are completely out..don't know what the story is on the likes of salads..
But try your best not to eat hun..its just not worth how your gonna feel afterwards..worrying if your gonna get knocked outta ketosis, and sabotage your weightloss..
so try your best not 2..
best of luck tomorrow...
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Hi Marie, first of all make sure if you eat its because you want to and not because you feel you should. To do LT you really do need to be a tad self centered otherwise it wont work. Im wondering did you not know about this party so you could plan in advance? Most big parties are planned they dont just happen the next day without warning, Im not advising you to eat but if you do protein is fine any carbs or sugars with knock you out of ketosis hun good luck and have a great time xxx
Thanks guys!

I was told yesterday as my aunty was informed before xmas but forgot to tell me. Its typical isnt it.

I am going to avoid eating if i can at all help it.

Really want to stick to this, its the first thing thats worked for me x
I always used to use the tummy upset excuse - It works a treat!
I have a wedding I am going to soon and thats what I will be saying then.
Hey guys!

Just got back! And... I didnt eat! They all had a great meal and i had my flapjack and water. Really chuffed with myself!

Did have 2 bits of sugarfree gum tho, couldnt help it. Ive always chewed gum when driving a long journey and it just felt wrong not chewing.

Hope the LT gods will forgive me.


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
sugarfree gum was no great sin and well done for avoiding the food. You should feel really proud of yourself.


addicted to minimins!!
well done on getting through it girlie!! the road back through ketosis would not have been nice,,,, well done,, and im sure getting through that has made you feel more determined and more focused. you can do it :) X

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