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Original Help i'm confused

Hi guys, been doing SW for bout 6 wks and have lost 10lb but have come to a stand still, last week put on 1lb and stayed the same this wk. I had started tryin EE for a change and have now got confused. Can someone have a look at thus and see what this would come under?
Bacon, egg, mushroom, sausage (+2) and beans
1 brown bread 1HEB
Bowl homemade veg soup (+2 barley?)
Chicken curry & boiled rice & a few SW chips
Planning on having glass of wine tonight and wanting to know what size of glass i'd be allowed x x
Thanks ;)
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Pearl barley is free on extra easy so no syns there. Looking good otherwise. Wine varies according to quantity and colour. What are you thinking of having?


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There is not enough superfree for an EE day though - you really need to try for one third of every meal being fruit or veg

The only veg you had was in your soup so no superfree at breakfast or dinner and no fruit at all!
Hi circles, had mushrooms in breakfast & peas and oninons in the curry, but doubt it was a 1/3, think i will go back to red & green days, seemed to so better on them and was less confusing.
Thanks for responding, doing it alone as no groups in my area, new to this and find this site so helpful :)
Cant believe theres no groups in your area! :eek:( I wonder if they're aware of it SW HQ

EE would be easier if a leader was explaining it to you as its VERY easy to do x
Hi Adele

I agree completely, but i'm in the isle of man, think there was one a few years ago, but nothing now!! Really dependant on my sis, who goes to group to fill in the blanks & this site.
Reckon i will go back to green & red and hopefully get moving again.
The books i have i got are from ebay and are quite dated and don't show EE so was trying to guess mainly with help from here, need to see about getting a more up to date set
Thanks for responding :)
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I have found EE to be so easy, and so much easier than Red Days and Green days, but your doing well on the Red and Green days, so just keep trying those xx

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