Confused about Cous Cous


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I have a back log of Aldi's Spice Infusion Cous Cous that I'd like to incorporate into my SW meals if possible, but I'm very confused about how to calculate the syns. It's 189 calories for 1/2 pack made up, which should equate to 9.5 syns (using the divide by 20 method).

What's confusing me is that I've seen in several different forums/YT videos that list Ainsley Harriott's Spice Sensation cous cous as 1.5 syns for the entire pack, though by my calculations the 178 calories per made up serving should make it around 9 syns so 18 syns per pack? I tried the alternative of adding carbs and fat and dividing by 5, Aldi's couscous is 34g carbs + 1.9g fat so 7-7.5 syns depending on whether you want to round up or down. AH's 32.1g + 1.9g so 7 syns...

Am I missing something about how to calculate syns? How are other members coming to 1.5 syns for the pack?
Calling in SW syn experts! Can someone help Catlover above and Helwingfield in the link?