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HELP! I've just binged :(

I've been totally stressing about my exam on Friday so today I decided to stop revising at 4pm, have tea at 5pm and then go back with a fresh mind at 6pm. But then 6pm came.. and I started looking for excuses not to revise. So I had a drifter. Forced myself to go and study and hit a topic I've always struggled to understand. So I went down to make a cup of tea and started thinking about how close the exam is and how little I've done. Then it began. I had another drifter, two bourbon biscuits (i dont even like them!!), 2 packs of walkers baked, a time out and then I got out the tub of ice cream and just started eating it out of the tub. Then I saw my dad pulling into the driveway and I had to stop. Quickly tried to cover my tracks and went back upstairs.. i just feel like I've wasted today. The whole day of trying my hardest not to hit the biscuit tin is wasted
Hey we've all done it... and procrastination is a huge hurdle to get over. Out of interest, what's the exam for? I've got my exam on Thursday and had my oral for it last week.

What has stopped me comfort eating??? Just the knowing that afterwards I'd feel guilty and kick myself for giving in.

It's all a learning curve and perhaps it's not hit home yet that eating isn't the answer to feeling better. It's just procrastination at its best and you CAN be eat if you want to.

Luv n support

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Thanks PennyJane, I really needed someone to speak to about it tonight! But you're right, I just need to get over the mental hurdle past binging.

My exams for psychology on Friday.. I'm totally dreading it :( what are you studying for?

Thanks again :)


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hi pe, its only a day. perhaps it might be best to start sf when you've finished your exams and less stressed. its hard enough to diet without any added pressure and perhaps your head will be in the right place then. just a thought x
I did Psychology a few years ago, It's a topic I really enjoy and read a lot about but unfortunately my mathmatical skills mean that I didn't do so well. Oh well, each to their own! At the moment I'm doing Italian, only at A-level but am hoping for a good score... fingers crossed!
Sparkel - Thanks for the advice.. I am considering coming off but I keep thinking.. its just two more days till they're over :)

PennyJane - Good luck tomorrow :) Italian is a lovely language :)


What doesn't kill me.....
Hey Pinkemma, we've all been there... I've binged quite a few times.. it's always at night... and always when no one's home or around and can't hold me accountable for what I just did.

I haven't actually found a solution. But I have found that if I am craving something, and eat something else because it's what I'm supposed to eat as a snack.. the craving never gets satisfied and you'll go back for more food. The problem becomes when you keep trying to replace a craving with a food that has nothing to do with it. It's like your body and mind are yelling "That's NOT what I wanted!" You can eat quite alot doing this until you finally give in to what you really wanted.

Another thing.. if you are not hungry when you eat.. you will never feel full. Because that's emotional eating... and has nothing to do with anything physical. Try to think about what you are really trying to avoid, or comfort and try to take actions to correct the situation before giving in to food.

I've also found cough drops help me tremendously! I don't know why, But since I've been sick (Had a cold for 2+ weeks and woke up with another one yesterday)... and munching on sugar free cough drops has curbed my from my nighttime eating problems.. and I'm even skipping snacks... because I wasn't hungry. It's been weird.

In the end, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off.. laugh at yourself, and move on to the next day :)

LightRaven - Thanks for the words of wisdom. They definately make sense, especially the one about having what I WANT instead of what I SHOULD. That was how it started yesterday and it just went on and on and on. I find myself hiding the wrappers of things I've eaten so no one else knows as well.. I feel totally ashamed, I'd hate for anyone to go through the contents of my bin after a session!

Ah the cough drops sound like a good idea, I used to find a similar effect with Aqua Drops - they're really low in cals so you could have as many as you wanted. I might start that up again.

Thanks for your post, you've left me feeling a lot more positive :)


What doesn't kill me.....
Glad to have helped! :)


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