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HELP - Lipotrim for MEN

Hey guys, I'm starting this diet tomorrow and I'm really confused about something... when I've been into my pharmacy, they have told me both times that I'm supposed to have 3 shakes a day. I ordered 1 weeks worth of shakes (to start with) so I have 21 sachets. But I've been watching videos and reading mens comments online and I've seen quite a few times now that Men are only supposed to have 2 shakes a day?? Is this true?? If so, then I have been misinformed. Which is quite bad really!

ALSO... Here is a pic of the sachets, as you can see the Chocolate one says 76g and the Vanilla/strawberry ones both say 73.5g. Is that what it should be? Or am I being completely stupid.

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Busy Mum

Silver Member
You've definitely been misinformed. You are correct men have 2 male shakes a day or 4 female shakes. The female shakes are 40g.


Fat Hunter!
Hi Pal,

Firstly yes it is only 2 male shakes, so i'd suggest going back and telling them to sort out your packs because that is a big joke, try and speak to the head pharmacist (unless they were the ones that gave it you?!).

Yes sadly some chemists/pharmacists actually do not know what on earth they are talking about. In my home town there are 2 pharmacies that offer lipotrim support, I called up one to gauge how professional they sounded by asking some simple questions... the first pharmacy (rubbish) basically said that the pharmacist would not monitor me and only the retail staff would just check my weight once a week and that was it (basically not giving me any further information and leaving me with a feeling that I was in the hands of people that hated their job, and could not give good customer service if their life depended on it). The second pharmacy that I chose was much more professional, they sat with me for a good hour having a consultation, giving me all the information about the diet and what to take etc

Anyway it's good that now you know, just see if there is any other pharmacy local that is offering it as you don't want them to give you mis-advice again!
Thanks for the quick reply guys! Really glad I came on here now.

So am I right in thinking I have 7 extra sachets?? I ordered 1 weeks supply, which came to £47 but they gave me £5 off I'm not sure why but I didn't complain haha.

So if it was only a weeks supply of 2 a day then I would have 14 sachets, but I have 21?

Also, if its only 2 a day am I supposed to have 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner OR half brek/half lunch and 1 at dinner. Sorry for all the questions aha I'm new


Fat Hunter!
Hey mate, no worries i'm in the same boat as you I only started yesterday so i'll tell you all that my pharmacist told me - basically the two milkshakes you can have at anytime as long as you have them both within the day (you can't skip any as you are on such a low calorie diet that you need all the exact nutrients). Oh and you have one full sachet each time, so no it's not like you open a sachet and have half now and half later, you take it all in one go (although theoretically speaking, it sounds like a good idea to be able to split it... but I am a bit of a stickler and like to follow the rules to the dot so i'd advise just like the nutritionists would to take the full sachet). I have been tending to have my first sachet around lunch time of 12pm-1pm and my final one around 7-8pm but play it by ear, see what suits you best. Most important thing is to be drinking lots of water (around 2-3 litres).

Oh and Co-op are currently doing a deal where you get £5 off, so wherever you get these sachets from might also be giving this offer. Yes I was given 14 sachets, as long as they all have 'male' on them and they are ranging around the 70g range, then well done you got yourself a little bargain there lol

Busy Mum

Silver Member
I second what Bubz said about not splitting the sachets, the advice is to have it all in one 'meal'. However, I do know that some men prefer to have 4 female sachets a day instead of 2 male simply because you can space them out in the day so you're having 4 small servings instead of 2 larger ones. You've definitely had a bargain there, 7 free sachets!

Just to add the female sachets are approx 140 calories each compared to 280 each for one male sachet so either having 2 male or 4 female work out the same.
Thanks a lot guys! All of that is really helpful :) excited to get started on this.

I've just noticed that all the Vanilla shakes and 1 of the Chocolate ones say Apr13 on them... surely they haven't given me expired ones?! as all the others say Feb14 on them. ******

Imagine if I have gone and had the 3 sachets a day like they told me to...

Busy Mum

Silver Member
Yes they all have the use by date on the front so anything that says Apr 13 will be out of date. Take them back and exchange. Are you sure you want to use this chemist, they sound like a disaster?!
Yes they all have the use by date on the front so anything that says Apr 13 will be out of date. Take them back and exchange. Are you sure you want to use this chemist, they sound like a disaster?!
brilliant... I think I'll be trying somewhere else after I've had these ones replaced by them! Hopefully they won't realize they gave me 7 too many though haha


Fat Hunter!
lol just take back the ones that need replacing, and yes go to a different pharmacist and ask to be seen by the main pharmacist!

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