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HELP ME i need to know if i can do this!


Slimming for my children
How much chance have I got to be 10 stone something by May?
Prob none but I thought I would ask.

Basically I weigh 13 stone exactly. I have lost 15lbs in 3 weeks!
I am going to america next week and have been told I cant take the cambridge diet products with me cos of immigration which I am a bit gutted about as I was planning on sticking to it! So will no doubt put weight back on by then. I hope to be 12 and half stone by time I go out there and plan to do a lot of walking if I can and not have 3 course meals when I am out there as fiances sister is cooking (shes who we are visiting) and are going out on the lash for my birthday on 21st march!

Then I get back 23rd March and I have 9 weeks till I go to a wedding on 25th May! I want to be able to get a lovely monosoon dress for the wedding and look really fab as these are mine and my fiances mates who he grew up with and also who introduced us. He is being best man so I want to be as best as I can be.

What is the likelyhood that I can do it? I have no extra money to join a gym so that's out of the question!

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could you take bars with you? I know you can only have one a day but would limit the damage.

Best advice for America would be to stick as low carb as you possibly can so that you dont come out of ketosis. That way you should hopefully be able to get straight back onto diet when you get home.

its just over 11 weeks till 25th may and to be 10 stone 13lb you need to lose 29lb, so it is possible. if you lose the average 3lb a week (including America week) you will have lost 33lb, taking you to 10stone 9lb by the time you go.

Good Luck xxx


Slimming for my children
i'll have to ask my fiances sister.
Fiance may not be best man i meant to write fiance is best friend and may be best man, but either way i dont want my mates to be ashambed of me.
iknow they wontbe they will be glad i am there but i want to look nice for me too. My mate who is getting married there is thinking of joining me on the cambridge diet too yey a new recruit!


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Why don't you get hold of CD once your out there get the person you are staying with to get it sorted before you get there ? good idea or not lol


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you CAN take bars and packs into the usa no problem - i do it virtually every month and into 18 different states - as long as you declare it on your customs/agriculture form you will have no issues at all.

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