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Hello, I am on day 40, I have had TOTM now for24 days solid, I feel ired as hell and I want to eat something. I think I am having an iron problem due to loss of blood, and that I fancy some spinache in the tin. Is there any CDC's out there that can tell me what to do? Could I have half a tin, or take vitimin tabs to boost it. I am in an awful mood and i think I am coming down with something. WHAT DIO I DO PLEASE?
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Eh up chuck! I would strongly recommend you pop and see the GP/Practice Nurse and have a blood check and check for anaemia. You shouldn't take iron suppliments unless you need them and remember the Cambridge packs have the RDA of Iron so in theory you should be ok (although I do realise TOTM can affect it).

They can do a quick blood test and if you are then they will recommend some suppliments that will sort you out in no time.



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Thanks Mike, I did see the GP on Monday, and he changed my pill. But I fell dreadful. I did try and call you a little while ago but I don't want to be a pain. Poor Steve's head is bitten off and laying the back door! I am so tired, and I do feel really hungry. I am trying so had to be good, honest and I hvae never had a craving for greens before, let alone spinache.


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You may need to ask your GP to check not only your iron levels but also your B12 levels.I had really heavy periods a few years ago(lasting over a week and only having a week in between) and it turned ouit my B12 was really low and I needed injections for 3 months.Have been fine ever since :)