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Help me pleeeease!!


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I started on cambridge around march or so- not sure, it'll say in my sig!! ... anyway.. I lost 19lbs in a few weeks- pretty damn bloody good I know!! and that was being a bit rubbish towards the end..

then surprise surprise.. I went away... f'd it all up, and never got back on track :( god knows what I weigh now.. But I know I need to get back on it. Money's a bit tight at the moment so I'm waiting for pay day...

I guess I'm just here looking for a little support or something... I don't want to fail again!!
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Hi there, I did it last year, only for about 4 weeks and lost a stone. I started again this Wednesday, finding myself on here all the time to keep motivated. I keep telling myself just one day at a time, it WILL get easier!!!


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The thing is, I didn't even find it hard! I never felt hungry, never moody, never lethargic! So God knows why I fell off the wagon. I think it was just summer... everyone was having BBQs and picnics, going out for dinner etc, and I didn't want to be left out... So the plan is this time...... tell more people. If I can stick it out for 4 months, I can do all those things again afterwards- in moderation (the plan is to lose 4 stone and then get on the healthy diet/ fitness regime).

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Try not to look at it as putting your life on hold. I know what you mean about doing all those things after CD but then the other side of the coin is you're then depriving yourself of life. The busier you are the quicker the time will go.

If you are going to do CD again then make it your choice to do so. Perhaps it's because it was so easy for you last time, it made you not apprectiate all the effort you had in fact put in. This time hopefully you'll cherrish the work and effort you've put in and keep the weight off for good. :)

We've all been there with whatever diet, yoyo'd up and down. This time will be different and well done on coming on and sharing your thoughts. Keep us updated and don't be a stranger xxx


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You make a good point, first time round... and I suppose my mentally now still is that my life revolves around friends and family- eating, and drinking!! I need to change my mind set before I get back on it I think!! Also part of the problem before was that I knew I was going on holiday and that I'd mess it up whilst away... and I suppose in my heart of hearts I wasn't committed to getting back on it straight afterwards and so became weak and eventually gave up..

I need to do this!!!!


I started cambridge diet 6 weeks ago in the first 4 weeks i lost 1 and a half stone since i have lost 4pounds more... however since weeks 5 and this week i have had one shake and eaten lots,although i am still loosing slowly i really want to get back on it properlyy.

If anyone wants an msn buddy let me know i could really do with talking to ppl who are in the same boat for support!



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I was thinking about getting back into it tomorrow, cos I'm going away in 2.5 weeks, and though I do fit into my summer clothes.. I don't really feel comfortable.. too much of an overhang!! :( gross.. Does anyone think 2.5 is enough to really bother with?? It's just like.. certain clothes I'd like to take with me would look a lot better if I just dropped a few pounds. If I lost weight at the same rate as I did last time on Cambridge, I could lose about a stone :S !!


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I am going on a road trip on Friday for a week. I know that in 4 days of the first week I should be able to drop 2 kilos. Then the week I'm away I am aiming for 1000 - 1200 cals a day, with 1 - 2 CD products. Then the 2 weeks after that i will be 790 again and know that I will/could/should feel heaps better in my clothes and have lost about 3.5 kilos at least.

So any loss in 2.5 weeks will allow you to feel better in those clothes and therefore you will enjoy your holiday.. . . . perhaps even choose health foods whilst on holiday too this time?

You can do this

mwahaha unfortunately I won't have much choice in what to eat - cos it's at a festival- but I will be able to avoid eating burgers all the time, and go for things like pasta or falafel instead- although both of those things are high carb :s

I'm planning to get back onto it full time when I get back off holiday, if I've got the money situation sorted!!

When I did cambridge before, I was heavier than I am now, but I definitely felt a lot better in my clothes then so I think it's worth it....and I'll have something to focus on, to look forward to :)


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Hi Guys

I am about to do the CD diet again too.
I did it last year losing almost five stone. Unfortunately I have put nearly 2 stone back on.
I struggled with the maintenance plan and decided to use slimming world instead. However, I have recently been diagnosed with a binge eating disorder, and as we all know, there are lots of free foods. Lots of carbs on green days etc. This has made me really down and I have been seeing a counsellor.
I have now decided to go back on the CD in the hope that this will make me feel better whilst receiving some help for when I work up the plan.
I am hoping I can get lots of support from this website.

I am seeing my CDC on Tuesday at 8.30pm. I have a work conference on friday, but will cut out the carbs from then.

Looking for support and happy to support others.

Hi Mandie

Wow almost 5 stone was fantastic.. having done it once you know you can do it again and you have not got so much to loose this time. Even thought I don't post much I get inspiration from this site and lots od ideas. People are so supportive and have come so far.... It is also good to know that if you have a blip you are not the only one!

I spent last weekend with my daughter and put on 4lbs! Back on track now WI tomorrow so hope to have lost it

Good Luck

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