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  1. Nicola2006

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    Blimey - Y Can't I do this!!!!!
    I'm restarting on Monday simply because i'm away this weekend with 10 friends - I am so sick of being this weight but can't seem to get focused anymore - I have got a stone and half to go and all i keep seeing is 11.2 or 10.13 I cannot get passed this milestone - WANT, NEED, SO BADLY WANT to be 9.7 - I was doing so well b4 i went on hoilday in March now look at me - I have't lost a thing since then !!!!!

    There is no way i can do SS again - I wish i could (o i so wish i could) - I keep saying it will only be a month and half and i will be at goal - And then i think YES i can do this and come - 5pm when i go home my head is straight in the fridge - ERRRRRRRRR its so frustrating - I've started eating sweets again and that is the downward spiral - I've got such a sweet tooth errrrrrr -

    Right on Monday all sweets are being banished from the house - Can't handle them being there and the truth is i'm bloody buying them - My other half keeps saying STOP buying them but i'm drawn to the sweet alise !!!!!! ERRR!!!!!

    Wish me luck for Monday -

    My Goal is 10st for the end of June - Can this be done Tho - See already doughting myself - GET FOCUSED WOMAN!!!!

    A Very Sad Frustrated Young Lady!!!!

    Thanks for reading and hopefully helping xxxx
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    Ohhhhhh you dont know how true this rings to me....! I mentioned earlier that as the weight dimishes sometimes your goals that you first quoted have been achieved making the honey pot at the end half reached... You need to sit down and make a list of your goals as they maybe diffrent to the ones that you listed when you embarked on the programme.

    Doesnt matter how easier it is to quote that you can lose a stone or 12lbs in amonth either SS or 790'ing if you're not in the zone then evening slips, turn into daily ones, then weekly then monthly - before you know it the summer's been and gone :cry: :cry: :cry: ....

    Learn from me (lost 3st, put 3st back on) - unless you are happy being the size you are, then you must diet to get it off hun xxxx
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    Don't diet anymore!

    Don't underestimate the other Cambridge programmes (1000, 1200 and 1500)

    i am a big fan of the 1200 programme as you do get a lot of food for your calories and is still a great way of dropping weight.

    Had a girl lose 7 stone on 1200 last year and she loved the fact she was eating "normally" while doing it

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    Tony Ferguson
    wow that is so nice to know, I am going to be going between 790 and 1200 during the next few months so I can deal with holidays and things and I now feel so much better about it. can you tell me what the weight loss is like a month on 1200? thanks
  6. Fuzzys Angel

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    This could have been me writing this post!.... I said many times in the past i don't care how much i weigh as long as i was a size 12. I am a size 12 now but still not happy, i've got so obsesed with the scales not moving in the right directions (1lb on a 1lb off & so on). Spoke to my CDC last night as it's really getting me down she's been extremely supportive we had a long chat (won't go into details to be honest it's very personal & i have many issues my head is battling with that at this stage i'm not ready to share with people) Feeling a bit more focused today & have really taken a hard look at what i REALLY want.

    Just printed off some before & after pics in large A4 size & pinned them on my fridge, bedroom mirror infact everywhere, hoping this will give me the incentive to carry on. Maybe you could do something the same...

    Good luck honey i'm sending you a group hug as i feel i need it just as much as you :grouphugg:

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