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help me!!

forgive me for i have synned and synned and synned :mad:

i have been for a weekend away and just ate and ate loads of rubbish!

whats worse is that i didnt really enjoy the burgers and chips, crisps and chocolates - its just because they were infront of me!

i feel really annoyed with myself and need to get back on track big time for weigh in next week.

any tips on how i can get a loss - preferably a big one to make up for the naughtiness ???

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Hi Kimmy,

I would try and put the weekend behind you and learn from it. The fact that you didn't enjoy it can also be helpful in the future if it is put in front of you again.
As for WI, I would just stick to plan for the week. Maybe up the Body Magic and eat loads of speed food. I wouldn't cut down on the amount you eat or syns though as this can make you retain rather than lose. Good luck for your WI, let us know how you got on. :)


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Yes, the worst thing you could do now is try and starve yourself for a week. Draw a line under it and move on. Plenty of speed foods, water and just sticking to the plan 100% and you should be fine. A friend of mine didn't want to come to class last night as she'd spent the weekend pigging out (deep fried cheese!) and her home scales said she'd gained 3lbs. When she came to class and weighed she'd lost 1.5lbs! Moral of the story - you never can tell until you face the music...

Good luck!



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I have totally been there hun - i had a weekend in London with the girls and I was like a mad woman - Pizza Hut, Percy Pigs (lots of!!!) takeaways, it was a total mess - and i wont even mention the amount of vodka and wine we consumed!

My point is, i think sometimes you need to be bad, to realise A) how good you are usually, and B) how it doesnt get you anywhere!!!

I went to weigh in after my 5 day bender and gained a whopping 4 lbs (read on - there is positive point to my post!) which made me realise how easy it is to put on weight if you go seriously off plan and dont keep track of your syns.

I didnt starve but i stuck to plan for the next 7 days like a newbie - you know, the motivation you have in week one - i was determined to lose some of my 4lb gain and show the scales i was in charge again!!

So the following week i was off to class and got on the scales and lost 7.5lbs!!!! I really can not explain how i felt, but i knew it was down to the dedication and focus i had got....the gain really did make me 100% and focused on plan!

I hope my little tale helps you realise we all have times when we syn and go off plan - but whatever happens at the scales you can turn it round....Good luck hun - show those scales what for!!!

wow - thanks for the support! speed food, water and the pump it up dvd ( i love to hate) it is then!

Thanks for sharing your stories - it has given me the get up and go i really needed to get back on track :)

ellebear - thats fantastic you really must have been a sw angel!! way to go

if i have any loss next monday i will be over the moon!! will let you know how i get on

thanks again guys ( i love this forum ) xxxx
well - i thought i would you guys know that i ended up putting on 1/2 lb. im a lil bit gutted but know i ate sooo much (naughty) last weekend - so i suppose its to be expected.

Anyway - gonna try and be good this week to get a good loss.

Thanks again for your support xxxx


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I know its a disappointment but get back to the healthy stuff and it'll soon come off. Good luck this week. xx


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half on is a tiny spec in the weight loss ocean!!! you have done super well for it not to be more!!! (like when i gained 4lbs!!!)

Good luck xxxx

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