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Help MUNCHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shut up Ethel
Look at how much you lost in week 1! 11lb! Fab - and if you eat now, you'll ruin it for yourself like I did in week 2.

Water. Walk. Bath. Sleep. Read the before/after threads. Garden. Tidy up. Sort out fat clothes in your wardrobe. Ring a mate. Do something, anything, instead of sitting around wanting to eat!!

There was a piece in a mag this week where they talked about positive mental approaches to diet. One tip, which tickled a nerve with me, was about a woman that never wore knee boots because her legs were too big, but she found it really hard to stick to a diet. The nutritionist took her to a supermarket and asked her to find a thing to eat which would make her feel as good as the idea of being able to wear skinny boots. She couldn't find anything - nothing would measure up to that feeling.

Does that help?


Mistress of the Dark
You've lost 11lbs!!! Focus on that and remind yourself that is why you are not eating. I know it's hard but don't make the mistake I did, give in to temptation and then spend God knows how many months faffing about when I could have been at target by now. We sole sourcers are made of stronger stuff!!! You can do this! x


Mistress of the Dark
I find it's best to not put ANYTHING into your mouth unless it's a CD product. Always better to have an extra shake than at something you shouldn't! x

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I'm feeling hungry today too, which has made me decide I need a hobby to keep me busy! I'm off to our allotment in a moment to do a bit of work down there and hope the thought of food passes soon!


peeling off the layers
Thanks to one and all, have suddenly realised why I want to munch!!
Given up, walked the dogs, sorted the ironing, prepared for work, sorted out the horse, had a cold shower have given myself a good talking too, having my last shake and then going to bed in the hope I dont get up and head to the kitchen, not that there's much there, but its surprising how good a jar of peanut butter looks as does the jar of beetroot next to it.
Good night to all and thanks for the support.

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