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Help - my ds put my nokia mobile in some pepsi

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I've the nokia 5800 xpress music phone there was a mouthful of pepsi in a glass, my ds put my phone in the glass. It was the end where the charger plugs in & the on/off button

The sim/battery seem dry & fine but the bloody battery went dead (was on dying anyhow) & now it won't charge/switch on.

Any ideas you lovely people, I've taken the sim/battery etc out & left on the top of the radiator (not directly on it)

Will this dry out & work by the morning??? Could the phone shop fix it??

I've not got it insured so I guess t-mobile won't replace...I really need this phone just in chase I go into labour as have no landline phone.
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My OH put his iPhone in the washer by mistake. We stood it on end for a couple of days on a towel to let it dry out and luckily it worked. I've heard the rice thing, its supposed to work as it naturally draws out the moisture. Either that or those wee bags you get when you buy a new handbag they do the same thing.

You aren't supposed to switch it on though it's always your first instinct. You might be lucky but coke is absolutely the worst - sticky evil stuff when it comes to this kind of thing.


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Hope it starts to work soon, best just opening the back laying the battery and open phone somewhere to dry out for a couple of days x
The problem with coke and pepsi and those sorts of things is that they corrode metal like they were born to do it. It is definitely worth trying the rice trick, battery out, but I wouldnt be too optimistic that it would fix it, whereas it is pretty much guaranteed to fix it if its plain old water.
my friend submerged her iphone4 in water....bad times.

she then got a pouch of 'silica gel' the stuff that comes in shoes, bags etc and put her phone and the silica gel in a plastic airtight container and then popped it in the airing cupboard.

The silica gel works to draw moisture out and the sealed environment helps this process along.

Good luck! x
if you're worried about not having a phone for a while, you could always get a temporary one, you can get really cheap ones for about £8, they might not look cool and stylish or have internet/camera but at least they work for ringing and texting so you wont have to worry about going into labour!! xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
thanks guys, I took to the phone shop. He said to leave it another day on radiator to dry. If it doesn't work take it to him & he'll take it apart & clean for me. xx
I flushed my phone down the toilet once. I know, sounds weird, but like an idiot I had put it in the breast pocket of my denim jacket, & the loo was one of those with a button flush, meaning I needed to lean over to flush it, & my phone just slid neatly out of my pocket straight into the flushing water! Lesson one, always always BUTTON YOUR PHOHE INTO YOUR POCKET!!!!!! it was a loan phone from the phone shop too... did the taking-apart-&-airing-cupboard trick, & it worked. :D:D:D Phew! This was a fair few years ago, when phones resembled small housebricks, & cost a kings ransom, so very lucky indeed!

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