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help needed! where can i find quark?!!


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It's usually with the cheeses - near the cottage etc. I've bought it in Tesco, asda and sainsbury's.
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My tesco's has it, also get it from Asda. Its in the cheese section near all the solid cheeses.


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thanks both i'm going to sainsbury's this afternoon will try there x


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i always get it in tescos, x
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I find only the bigger shops stock it, nothing like our Tesco express... x


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It's in such a non-descript tub that it's easy to miss!! I still have to stare hard at the cheese section in Tesco before I locate it! Asda is easier as it's in a round, more colourful tub! Top tip, the Asda one is creamier and tastier!! (different make)XXX


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Ditto here Donnie, by the philly and cottage cheese, word for word that's what I was going to write, hehe!

Never tried the Asda's own one though, good tip thanks Funcurls!


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i know you cant get it in morrisons (not mine anyway) and they've also stopped normal cottage cheese (NOT AMUSED). i know you can gt in sainsburys.

A lady at my group eats it as a pudding by stirring in a sachet of options hot choc dont know what its like though.

good luck



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i usually find it near the mascapone cheese.
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Asda has it and it is called Virtually fat free Quark - is this the correct one to get? or is there a fat free version


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At the Quark shop :) lol only jokin, i once asked at work where i can get Quark from and my work mates had me on saying there was a quark shop in Bradford lol!!! there isnt!

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